What a MoonWalk Means to Jenny after breast cancer

We asked previously what a MoonWalk means to you and why you signed up to take part in one of our challenges.

Here is what committed MoonWalker and breast cancer survivor Jenny had to say.... truly inspirational! 

"6 and a half years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my life changed completely! I'm through the treatment now and am well but I saw first hand, how Walk the Walk help breast cancer patients through giving grants to fund cold cap units and support centres like The Penny Brohn Centre.

Since my recovery, I've completed 8 MoonWalk Marathons (5 in London, 2 in Scotland and 1 in Iceland), been part of the amazing 3 Land Challenge in 2018, when I also did the Thames Path Challenge 50km. And I was mad enough to tackle the Over the Moon double marathon in 2019. I think you can say I’ve become a true power walker! 

I'd MoonWalked before diagnosis too, after my best friend survived breast cancer. That one was in Edinburgh so that’s one more medal to add to my ever growing tally. In 2020 I had planned to complete the London to Brighton 100km challenge along with The MoonWalk London and Over the Moon in Scotland again; hopefully we can all take part in those events next year.

I truly believe in the healthy living ethos of Walk the Walk as well as being passionate about the charities and research you support. I can honestly say that I’ve also made some amazing friends along my Walk the Walk journey, a couple of whom are in these photos. Thanks for being there, when I needed treatment and support, as well as at the many fun events I’ve been part of since then!" - Jenny

Thank you so much for sharing your reasons and your amazing support Jenny... happy Walking!

If you feel inspired to unite with us against breast cancer... check out our challenges here and if you would like to share your story with us, please email us and we will be in touch. 


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