We wish you a Merry Christmas

Without your help, we could not achieve any of the amazing work that we do… so from me and all of us at Walk the Walk, we THANK YOU for all your support and wish you a very lovely Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

WOW! Is it really the end of the year already!…

If like me you have hardly taken a breath for the past few months, it is with some relief that I can count on everybody coming to a standstill for at least a day or two. How nice to have time to stop and enjoy family and friends and to look at what has been achieved in the past year and what we hope to do in the next one!
Well, one big thing for me is to send a HUGE personal THANK YOU to each and every one that has joined Walk the Walk, as a Walker, Volunteer or supporter, helping us raise money and uniting against breast cancer.
We have had a tremendous year with over 20,000 women, men and children taking on a Walk the Walk challenge… MoonWalking in LondonScotland and Iceland, and all those that did all 3 in the Three Land Challenge, or the double Ultra MoonWalk in Scotland… not forgetting the 3,000 Volunteers that willingly donated their night to help all our MoonWalkers reach their goal… now that's what I call Team Work!
Closer to home, it has been just lovely to see so many first timers finding the courage to take on a Half Marathon at the Great North Run and Disneyland Paris, great weekends of shorter distance challenges and so much fun!
On the other end of the scale, well done to those of you that took part on the longer distances such as Thames Path and London to Brighton. Plus Nijmegen, no mean feat, so no wonder you receive a Royal acclaimed medal!… plus our unique backcountry skiing heroes that took on the Arctic challenge and out trekkers to Peru!

And of course all our classic marathon walkers BerlinDublin and New York, where it all started!

A huge well done to everyone that took part in all our other challenges… all amazing in their own right.
With all this commitment to training, adrenalin filled challenge days, and fundraising, by uniting together you have raised a breathtaking £7.5 million for vital breast cancer causes so far for 2017. Much of this has already been granted towards research, predominantly for research of secondary cancers, but also to help those with cancer now.
I hope that because of Walk the Walk, you are fitter, healthier and more aware of your own potential for good health… because of you, Walk the Walk has been able to make grants and support other charities and organisations that are making a big difference in the way that breast cancer is diagnosed and treated.

Our 2018 Walk the Walk challengers are on the brink of an exciting New Year and new adventure… what another incredible year it will be and we look forward to seeing you very soon!

Taking on a challenge is not just about the fundraising, which of course is fantastic, it is also the personal goal, the commitment to getting fitter, maybe making small lifestyle changes that can have a big impact on your health and wellbeing. We all have the opportunity to make this the best year ever in many different ways!
Without all your help, we could not achieve any of the amazing work that we do… so from me and all of us at Walk the Walk, we THANK YOU for your support and wish you a very lovely Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year! 

If you haven’t signed up for 2018 yet… don't hang up those walking shoes for too long!
Thank you for uniting with us against breast cancer. 

Love Walking, Love Life.


Nina Barough CBE
Founder and Chief Executive of Walk the Walk Worldwide 

P.S. Look out for exciting new challenges coming in 2018




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