Walk the Walk's Summer Walking Challenge

Fall in love with Walking... and get involved with Walk the Walk's Summer Walking Challenge!

No matter where you find yourself this Summer, up mountains, down on the beach or even staying at home, fall in love with Walking... and get involved with Walk the Walk's Summer Walking Challenge!  

Did you know...

... when you sign up to The MoonWalk London, we will send you a link to our very own special 5-week Summer Training Plan? The plan is ideal to fit around any holiday and great to get your children (and your friends and family) to join you on your road to Walk the Walk fitness! So come on, get everyone you know signed up and enjoy some Summer Walking fun.

School's still out... six weeks is a long time and with 4 weeks still to go why not get the kids motivated and encourage them to fall in love with Walking... who knows in just a few short years they could become your next Walking buddy! 

Make it fun and creative!

  • Create a log chart or book with stickers... let these young inspired walkers choose a sticker for each day they walk to track their progress. 
  • Get them all involved, let them choose or help plan the route... make them feel it's a joint adventure and give them responsibilities like packing the snacks! 
  • Set goals... whether that's miles at the end of the week, a set amount of time each day or to visit different places specifically for walking. 
  • Take a camera out with you and make a scrapbook of interesting sights you see on your walks... or document each day with a selfie... after all, everyone loves a selfie! 

Week 1 - Introduce them to a little walking each day...

Even 15 minutes of walking a day can have a multitude of benefits to your overall fitness and mental well-being. Do you give your children an allotted TV or tablet time?... why not do the same with a daily walk! 

Week 2 - Teach kids the importance of stretching...

By now you've started building daily walking into your routine, so why not incorporate and teach your children the importance of stretching? Set aside time before and after walking and ask them to tell you where they can feel the stretch... and how it feels... do they know the names of the muscles they are stretching?! 

Week 3 - Up the distance and speed... 

 Introduce a mixture of walking and power walking along your walks, ask them which they prefer... if there are a few of you making it a little competitive with a small prize, this will soon get everybody going. 

Week 4 - Mix it up...

Mix it up with different routes... maybe research places near you like parks or cafes and have an end goal in mind as an incentive? Feel the love of regular walking!

Top things to remember! 

  • Always take plenty of water with you, no matter how little or long your walk is and sip little and often even if you don't think you are thirsty!
  • It is really important to take the time to check your (and your children's) shoes fit properly and are comfortable... there's nothing more disheartening or demotivating than getting a blister on your first walk, this will certainly put them off walking altogether before you start! 
  • Prepare for the weather... after all, we all know how unpredictable the British Summer can be. Walking in the rain can still be fun, and any weather is perfect MoonWalking weather!
  • Don't forget the sunscreen... make sure you are all protected from the rays.

Most of all, enjoy, have fun, treasure the moments and have a wonderful Summer... keep us posted on social media to let us know how your Summer Walking Challenge is going.


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