Walk the Walk grants £40,000 to charity Cancer Focus Northern Ireland

This gift will have such a lasting impact on local women’s lives

We’re delighted to have awarded just over £40,000 to the support charity Cancer Focus Northern Ireland. We’re contributing funding towards these wonderful projects:-

  • Cancer Focus Northern Ireland’s unique bra and swimwear fitting service
  • Two wellness retreats for women under 50 who have been diagnosed with breast cancer

Pat McClelland, Director of Services at Cancer Focus NI, said:

“Thanks to this funding, almost 1,000 women here in Northern Ireland will be able to avail of our charity’s vital breast cancer support services. I cannot begin to explain the role female friendships can play to women impacted by breast cancer. From a 60-minute consultation and chat with a bra fitter, to 48 hours with dedicated therapeutic support staff and other females affected by cancer, the level of honesty and empowerment is unparalleled and can impact overall wellness and recovery. Thank you to Walk to Walk for this gift, which will have such a lasting impact on local women’s lives here in Northern Ireland.”

Bra and swimwear fitting service:-

  • Helps hundreds of women diagnosed with breast cancer every year to find the right bras and swimwear, at a time when they may be feeling less confident about their body and self-image
  • For women who have had a lumpectomy, mastectomy and reconstructive surgeries
  • A wide range of bras, swimwear and accessories to suit any occasion is available at greatly reduced prices
  • The fitting service is delivered in six locations across Northern Ireland

Wellness retreats

  • Two wellness retreats for women aged under 50 diagnosed with breast cancer are being held in Donegal in 2024
  • The Thrive Retreat will allow women to take some time away from the responsibilities of home and to recharge and relax
  • The Focus Friends Retreat will be available to women who have a terminal diagnosis of secondary breast cancer
  • The retreats – for up to 40 local women – provide opportunities for women to come together, step away from the pressures of their lives and to speak to one another about their cancer
  • Each retreat focuses on wellness and wellbeing, including therapeutic support, healthy eating, yoga, forest bathing and nature walks.

44-year-old Joanne Jones from Ballyclare participated in a recent Cancer Focus NI retreat, having been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021.

“The retreat was incredible. It was so nice to get back to something just for me, and to share it with other girls.  We were all at different stages, some like me post-surgery, others waiting for results.  In the surroundings of the retreat, we all felt that we could talk about anything, with no judgment, no fear of opening up, and no need to hold back – it was such therapy!  We indulged in delicious food, relaxing yoga, forest walks and a hot tub – it was magical to switch off for a few days. I would encourage any women considering a future opportunity to jump at the chance - I didn’t want to leave!”

Entries are now open for Cancer Focus Northern Ireland’s 2024 retreats. For more information, email [email protected].

Nina Barough CBE, Founder and Chief Executive of Walk the Walk, said:

“I am delighted that Walk the Walk is announcing a grant we are awarding to Cancer Focus Northern Ireland, contributing towards a much-needed bra fitting service and two wellness retreats which will support women with breast cancer. This wonderful charity and the work they carry out is life-changing – I know from my own experience how frightening and isolating a breast cancer diagnosis can be, let alone dealing with the impact of a mastectomy. Working together, our charities can really make a huge difference to so many people”

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