Walk the Walk Christmas 2022 Quiz!

It's out Christmas Countdown! Only 22 days to go...

Days of Christmas

  1. How many dancing ladies are there by the end of the ’12 days of Christmas’? 
  2. When do the 12 days of Christmas officially begin? 
  3. How many birds or animals are there in the final full verse of “12 days of Christmas”?
  4. What are the 24 days leading up to Christmas known as?
  5. According to tradition, when should Christmas decorations come down in the UK? 

Father Christmas around the world

  1. What do the Spanish call Father Christmas? 
  2. What date is St. Nicholas Day in Hungary? 
  3. What does Father Christmas traditionally give naughty children? 
  4. In Iceland, the Yule Lads come to visit rather than Father Christmas, but how many of them are there? 
  5. In the UK, what colours did Father Christmas originally wear?

Kids Round

  1. What colour are Olaf from Frozen’s buttons? 
  2. What is the festive plant with red berries called? 
  3. What part of the world does Father Christmas live? 
  4. Which Reindeer has a red nose? 
  5. What type of pies do some children leave out for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve?


  1. Which country invented the glass bauble? 
  2. What is the most popular Christmas tree in the UK? 
  3. What is the best-selling Christmas song of all time? 
  4. What year was ‘The Snowman’ first shown in the UK?
  5. The first Die-Hard takes place in which city? 

WTW Bonus

  1. Where did Nina, WTW’s Founder and Chief Executive, walk her first ever marathon?
  2. How many years of MoonWalking are we celebrating in 2023?

Once you've completed your quiz, don't forget to check your answers and let us know how you got on!



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