Virtual SunWalk Festival... How will the miles be tracked?

We have a few options for you to track your miles whilst completing your chosen challenge on the Virtual SunWalk Festival...

Option 1: Connecting to Strava 

When you signed up to the challenge you automatically had the opportunity to press the ‘Strava button’ this then opens up your Strava account where you can login and connect and link to your online fundraising page or create a Strava account. 

Your distance will be automatically tracked via Strava. You can connect your Strava account later on via the "Connect to Strava" button on your online fundraising page, this will be visible when you are logged in. Make sure your Strava is set to "Everyone" so we can read your profile and post your fitness activity to your page whilst you are completing your challenge! 

Please note: Your training miles will be added to your online fundraising page unless you set your activity to private whilst training and then change to ‘Everyone’ when you are doing your challenge miles. See more here.

If you have a GPS tracking watch or similar that you would like to link to Strava, see below…

  • Download the app and follow the instructions as above
  • Go to Profile and then the settings cog icon in the top right corner. 
  • Select Applications, Services and Devices
  • Select, connect a new device to Strava
  • Select the device you have
  • Select Connect

Please note: this is only relevant for devices with GPS tracking and not all fitness trackers. For example, not one that counts your steps.

Option 2: Update your miles manually with Strava

If you are unable to use GPS or are using a different tracking device, once you have downloaded Strava (which is a free app) you will be able to add your mileage as a manual activity after you have completed the event. Just press the cross icon in the top left corner of the main page on Strava, then select manual activity.

Option 3: Unable to connect or use Strava… we can set up a form for you!

We will set up a form and include a link on an email for you to advise the mileage you have completed after the event.

Whichever way you decide to track your miles, once your challenge is completed and we have your information, we will send you an online Finishers Certificate to download, and your well-deserved medal will follow in the post in early September.

 Love walking, love life!

With 5 different distances from 5k to 100k... there is something for everyone! Get ready for our week long of fun from the 8-15 August… join us now!



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