Training for your breast cancer charity walk - It has all gone wrong

Training for one of Walk the Walk's breast cancer charity walks can be difficult but we have lots of hints & tips to help if you think it has all gone wrong!

So you’ve been training and something has happened… you’ve pulled a muscle… you have plantar fasciitis… you’ve caught a bug… all of the above and everything else… argh!

First of all… breathe and relax… we know it’s tough but you’re doing so well! You need to focus and re-group… there is still time and even if there appears to be none then sheer bloody-minded determination will get you there!

The big thing (if you are able to) is to keep on exercising…
• If you can’t walk… can you swim?
• If you can’t use your arms… can you use a stationary bike?
• If you can’t walk very far… any distance is better than nothing!

You can probably still stretch… you can probably still look after your feet… you can probably still start visualising crossing that Finish Line… and most importantly you can probably keep Fundraising! Seems like there is still quite a lot you can do to complete your challenge… don’t lose faith… YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Training is important but it is not the only part of the process and dealing with injuries that happen is just part of the journey. That moment you cross that line… it will all be forgotten… and oh so worth it!

And remember, whilst Walk the Walk has lots of experience in helping Walkers cross the Finish Line… we are not Doctors! Make sure you speak with a professional if you have a condition that you are worried about!

We hope that this has helped point you in the right direction! If you need any more help or have any questions email or call us on 01483 741430… and we will do our best to help!

But remember… listen to your body and take care of yourself!

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