Thirteen Year Old Amy’s MoonWalk London Experience

I have been thinking about making one of my goals to do the MoonWalk every year, for as long as I can.

For almost 20 years our amazing supporters from all over the world have been joining us for the famous MoonWalk London and together with our other challenges, have raised an incredible £112 million so far! Young Walk the Walker, Amy Diyar, shares the ups and downs of her first MoonWalk London below.

One year ago, just after I turned 13, I decided to enter the MoonWalk 2016 with my Mum. I was inspired to do this by many people and hopefully I’ll be able to inspire others to do the same.

I was thrilled when we started our training walks because not only was I getting out and about, but I was getting to spend a lot more time with my Mum. As our training progressed it hit me what a commitment the MoonWalk is and several times I just wanted to break down and cry. I don’t think I would have got through it by myself, I was really glad I had my Mum by my side.

As well as the challenge of the training walks we also had our bras to decorate. With the theme of carnival before us we had feathers and gems in mind, but when Leicester won the league and being City girls, we had to go blue!!

Finally, the big day arrived, which also just happened to be my brother’s birthday. After a bit of a party day with the family, we began to get ready. I remember the numb chill as we sat on the Tube, nervous anticipation creeping in, it was all beginning to get real. When we arrived at our stop we began to see other MoonWalkers, I grabbed my Mums hand and looked around. There were sparkly, glittery bras everywhere! I realised that I had nothing to worry about, we were all in this together – to help beat breast cancer.

Walking up to MoonWalk City with Mum and Dad was surreal, the crowds were massive and then I saw this huge pink tent. I felt in awe of it all, the atmosphere was incredible. Inside Moonwalk City was even better, Music, Dancing – I even got picked to go up on the stage to help with one of the warm-ups. The food was incredible, I wanted seconds – but got a picture with Pearls and Pecs instead… most defiantly one of my favourite parts of the night ;-)

Anyway, back to reality, it was now time to get the show on the road. One mile in and we felt like we could walk the world, the atmosphere and support from onlookers and fellow Walkers was amazing. My Dad walked with us for a bit at the start, he even sported his own bra – bright pink with flashing lights, he wasn’t going to be outdone by anyone!!

I loved meeting people on the way, friends we had made through the Facebook page – Babs, Andy in his kilt and my Mum’s Aunties, Rhona and Margaret, they’d done it themselves before but were Volunteers this year, they dosed us up with jelly babies at about the 20-mile mark to help us keep going.

There was a point when I felt like pulling out, towards the end, blisters covered my feet, I was exhausted, so tired and I was actually missing my brother and sister. I cried but I wouldn’t give up. I shook myself and said, this is nothing compared to going through breast cancer and doing this will hopefully make a difference to someone’s life, so without a backwards glance I got up and with Mum by my side we kept going. Through blood, sweat and tears (literally) we did it!! Not exactly in record time, but hey, at least we did it.

Walking over the Finish Line was definitely the most emotional moment. We got our medals and then we were swept up into this massive group hug, Mum's Aunties had waited for us at the Finish Line.

I couldn’t believe I had done it!

After that all I could think of was going to sleep. Everyone was exhausted and as tired as I was, I felt like doing it all over again – but not straight away!!

Now, here we are, 4 months later and I’m already planning to do it again in 2017. At school we have been asked to set ourselves goals for the future and I have been thinking about making one of my goals to do the MoonWalk every year, for as long as I can.

My feet may never forgive me!!


Join us on the 13th May 2017 as we celebrate the 20th MoonWalk London with a ‘Roaring Twenties’ theme... unite with us against breast cancer and help make a difference.



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