These Feet - a poem from a London MoonWalker

Getting ready to take on The MoonWalk London 2020 for breast cancer, Fiona shares her inspirational and insightful poem with us

MoonWalker, Fiona shared her lovely poem in our Walkers Hub, she took on The MoonWalk London in 2019 and as she gets ready to Walk the Walk at The MoonWalk London 2020, she says her words are still true!

We love it... so just had to share!


These feet... 

These feet are the feet that transport me

Through Londons’ streets late at night

Travelling across many bridges

Turning left, crossing roads, turning right


These feet are the feet that carry me

Determined and true ‘til the end

Though I might stumble and falter

My feet know, that on them, I depend


These feet are the feet that support me

But I need your sponsorship too

I’m walking the walk for breast cancer

Could you spare, just one pound, maybe two?

Thank you - Fiona Beaumont

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