The Virtual MoonWalk London news, share, share, share!

With just a few days to go, we want to make it easy for you... here's everything you need to know to help you with your Social Media and fundraising page over MoonWalk Weekend!

  1. Social Media tips
  2. New Event Page for the MoonWalk weekend to join
  3. Facebook Frame for profile
  4. Walker Press Release
  5. An image is worth a thousand words

Social Media tips...

Don't be shy... now is the time to let everyone know you are part of the £1 million campaign and all donations are appreciated, especially whilst you are out walking... share pics and add your fundraising link... go on, let the world know what you are doing both on your social media and your fundraising page!

Here's are some tips that I'm sure many of you will know... but always worth mentioning. 

  • Try to keep your posts short and sweet
  • Always include an image and your fundraising link
  • Add #MoonWalkLondon to your posts
  • Whilst walking why not go 'Live' on your Facebook or Instagram... really show everyone what you are doing and don't forget to mention that every penny really does make a difference
  • For those of you on Instagram, add your fundraising link to your bio and direct people to it in your posts
  • Tag @walkthewalkworldwide on Facebook and @walkthewalk on Instagram and Twitter 

Where will all the action and support be?

We have created our very own Virtual MoonWalk London Event page... so that we don't miss anything throughout the day!

Just click here and be part of it!

We will be updating regularly, starting from 6.30am when the first start kicks-off, have you let us know your start time yet? If not, just click here... make sure you take a look and get ready for a warm-up with Roy Gayle and others! Keep in touch, share pics and messages throughout MoonWalk weekend... we want to hear from you. We may not be together, but we are with you, supporting you all the way!

Change your Facebook profile picture...

Choose our Facebook Frame... just follow these instructions below and land yourself on our moon...

  • Go to your personal Facebook page and click your profile picture and choose 'Update profile picture'
  • Add Frame
  • Under 'Choose a frame' type 'Virtual MoonWalk London' in the search box
  • Click 'Choose Use as Profile Picture'

Walker Press Release to download…

We have created a Walker Press Release just for you so that we can inspire you to contact your local newspapers and share your story.

An important part of Walk the Walk’s mission is to raise awareness that women and men can get breast cancer, so wearing your T-shirt whilst you are out walking over MoonWalk weekend is the perfect opportunity. Whilst lots of people will notice your bra T-shirt, they might not know what it all means, so being featured in your local press really helps us spread the word!

Read all about the best way of getting your story heard here!

Shout it from the rooftops...

An image is worth a thousand words... so keep sharing them on your fundraising page and social media... shout it from the rooftops of what you're conquering and ask your friends and family to make a donation to your fundraising page.

WOW!.. look at this... many feet have taken us over halfway... Thank you for your fundraising and helping to make a difference... let's see our 'Footometer' keep rising!

£541,617 raised so far... please keep it coming!

Keep sharing pics on our social media and the Event Page... we want to keep seeing how you are getting on! 

If you have any questions, need help, or just want to get in touch email or call the Team on 01483 741430 we would love to hear from you. You can also find our FAQ's here



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