The MoonWalk Scotland 2014!

Some lovely comments and images from The MoonWalk Scotland 2014… bring on 2015 which will be our 10th anniversary… woohoo!!!

Some lovely comments and images from The MoonWalk Scotland 2014… bring on 2015 which will be our 10th anniversary… woohoo!!!

First Moonwalk for me and I’ll be back next year. Thank you to all the organisers and volunteers for making it such a wonderful night xx

Our first moonwalk and an amazing achievement! Such a fantastic night, amazing atmosphere in the tent, fab entertainment, lovely volunteers! Thank you for such a great experience xx

Brilliant night! My 9th moonwalk in Scotland. 3 full, 3 half and 3 volunteering. I love it!! Xx
First one and loved it! Volunteers were great and kept us going! The weather was just spot on and I think I’ll be back next year, for the 10th birthday xx

As a walker Edinburgh was magic! The volunteers were brilliant, dedicated and motivating – thanks to everyone of you, we can not do it without you. Edinburgh people are also inspiring with their support
Thoroughly enjoyed the other side this year and volunteering!!! Every tattoo I applied, balloon I blew up and medal I have out meant so much to me…. It was much more emotional than I ever expected it to be….. Cannot wait until next year and WALKING my 5th full moon!!! Has to be done as you say Nina it is 10th anniversary so gonna get a huge team together!!!!! Well done everyone xxxx

This was my first moonwalk & I decided to read the forums to see what I had let myself in for. Sadly one of the first posts I read was about this amazing Fiona who had passed away. I read that Jamie & Jason would still be there supporting everyone this year, so when I saw them I burst into tears. All I could muster was a smile at that point in the walk but I wish I had stopped & said hi. Seeing them gave me strength to carry on through the last couple of miles as whatever pain I was in now was nothing compared to what Jamie & his family had been through or what Fiona had been through. It reminded me why I was walking, to raise money to beat cancer. So thank you Jamie & Jason, you gave me a kick up the bum when I really needed it (not literally I’d like to point out)

We are back in the Highlands – we had the most fantastic weekend – thanks to all the organisers and volunteers who made this such a perfect Moonwalk .This was our 4th marathon this year and was up there with the best ever , and between us we have probably done over 20 marathons. Thank you everyone !!!

The night was brilliant, the volunteers were amazing, the weather perfect and my walking buddies great company. Exhausted now. Will I be back next year – too right. I may be a great grandma but there is life in me yet.

I’ve both walked it and volunteered. Can quite honestly say Marshalling at the moonwalk is one of the best nights of my life. The camaraderie and celebrations are incredible. Every single “Well Done” and “How Are you Doing” is totally heartfelt. We feel SO protective of each and every one of you and we just will you all to get through. At 21 miles we cuddled, laughed and cried with exhausted walkers, I’m still emotional, 48 hours on. Cannot wait til next year.

We did it! We walked the walk with Walk the Walk at the #MoonWalkScot on Saturday night. Reflective tartan hats off to everyone who helped organise the event and volunteered on the night – IT WAS AMAZING!!! We can’t wait to sign-up for next year! 13.1 miles in 3hr 30mins with a current donation total of over £1200 (with more on its way as well as off-line donations to be added!)! We are overwhelmed by everyone’s support so THANK YOU!!!



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