The Great Australian Balloon Race... win £500 and more!

We need your help now! Every virtual balloon will make a difference, so buy yours for the virtual #WTWBalloon race today!

UPDATE: The Great Australian Balloon Race is underway... Every balloon will make a difference towards vital cancer support!

Watch the launch sequence and log in to track your balloon(s) as they flies across Australia!

Do you have a winning balloon? Why not check out the leader board here!

Support services and cancer charities across the UK are desperately trying to recover from the Covid crisis. Many across the UK are on their knees trying to provide much-needed cancer support for those living with cancer.

Over the past 2 years, many people with symptoms have been too afraid of Covid to visit their doctor or hospital for an early diagnosis. As a result, many are being diagnosed later and with more severe outcomes. Experts are warning that there is already a significant rise in secondary cancers being diagnosed, which could set progress in cancer treatments back by several years.

In exchange for your help and generosity, we want to take you travelling, with the promise of thrills, spills and excitement as your balloon or balloons Race Down Under. From the roof of the Sydney Opera House, who knows where you may end up!

There are great cash prizes... Many thanks to Tunnock’s for generously donating our 1st prize and to our Mystery Donors for our 2nd and 3rd prizes!


Just £5... Buy your virtual #WTWBalloon NOW!

  1. Start by creating an account here.
  2. Add your virtual balloon or balloons to your cart and pay with your debit or credit card. Your balloon purchase/s will be confirmed by email.
  3. If you have been gifted a virtual balloon, you will be sent a unique ‘Balloon Activation code’ by email, which you can enter to give you access to your balloon account.
  4. Now you are ready to start decorating and customising your virtual balloon!
  5. Once purchased... click here and you can see them flying around the Start Line!

Many thanks to Tunnock's and our Mystery Donors for generously donating our cash prizes.    

Why buy 1... when you can buy more! 

The more balloons you buy, the more chances you have of winning... whilst you are treating yourself, why not buy another balloon and gift it to a friend... 'pay it forward', pass it on and really make the balloons fly!

Tracking Balloons

After lift off the 100 leading balloons in the race can be seen 24/7 during the race. Check the weather each day here.

The information shown will include the straight-line distance travelled in kilometres from the launch point, plus the balloon’s latitude and longitude. The button [race leaders] is found in the top bar.

To locate and track your balloons, Sign-in and go to your dashboard. Click on any individual balloon to check its progress around the globe! 

Tactical ways to increase your chance of winning!

On your dashboard you can customise each balloon by changing various parameters, for example, balloon helium, content, shape of balloon and thickness of rubber.

And reflecting real life, virtual balloons, just like latex ones, can pop if the balloon parameters are not suited to the weather. For example, maximising helium content, having the fastest shape and thinnest rubber during stormy weather, is not advisable. So, looking at the predicted weather forecast for your race period prior to customisation can help your chances of winning!

The winner will be emailed with confirmation that they have won the race and also details of how to contact the organiser to arrange to receive their prize.

Up, up and away... 12 Noon - 18 March 2022

The balloon launch is from the roof of the Sydney Opera House... they will race for 7 days... wherever the winds and weather take them... just imagine where they may end up!

Help us make our #WTWBalloon Race a huge success.... shout it from the rooftops, get everyone involved and help us make a difference.

Winners and prizes!

The winning balloon is the one that has flown the furthest in the 7 days of the race.

The balloons are measured in a straight line from the launch location… but please note that a popped or burst balloon can still be a winner if the wind direction changes and sends the still-flying balloons in the reverse direction!

The winner will be emailed with confirmation that they have won the race and also details of how to contact the organiser to arrange to receive their prize.

Let’s unite together and take this opportunity to make a difference for those that need your help now!



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