Team Volunteering with Walk the Walk

Team Volunteering has many advantages including a sense of collaboration and achievement, strengthens friendships and forms connections on an emotional and personal level.

John C. Maxwell once said “Teamwork makes the dream work” – that certainly is the case at Walk the Walk!

The camaraderie of Walkers and Volunteers that unite with us and have helped us raise in excess of £127 million for breast cancer is quite staggering!

So what does team Volunteering mean to you at THE original charity night Walk? It could be turning up on your own and leaving with 5 new friends… bringing friends and family together every year to support complete strangers as they Walk their Half or Full Moon marathon challenge… or the result of inspiring your colleagues to take part in a corporate Volunteering scheme… whatever it is, we’re thrilled you can join us!

We often ask people why they Volunteer… you can find out some ‘Good Reasons to Volunteer’ by visiting our blog… and discover why it’s worth more than just raising money!

How do I get a group of Volunteers together?

The first step is having the passion for Walk the Walk… this will beam out of you when you’re talking to others and inspire them to join you! We can provide downloadable posters and entry forms for you to display in staff rooms, attach to emails or hand out to friends and family! If you want to stay together… simply fill in the question on the paper or online entry form that asks if you are Volunteering with others and write the names of your team members, even if they haven’t signed up yet. If you would like to sign up a team of 20+ Volunteers, please get in touch with the Volunteer Team and we will talk you through the best way to do this.

What roles are suitable for a team of Volunteers?

Teams can join almost every role at a MoonWalk… take a look at the full list available for The MoonWalk London here. Groups most commonly join the Route Marshal, Service Station and Baggage Teams as Volunteers work together as a close-knit team… sometimes under pressure!

“Teamwork in the call centre is so important, as during the night all phones call be ringing and all radios are being used – it can get a little busy.  However, the atmosphere is one of great camaraderie.” – Julie

What are the benefits of Volunteering as a team?

Sharing this incredible experience with people you know is always much more fun… you will be talking about the night’s sleep you gave up to unite against breast cancer for years to come! Team Volunteering has many advantages including a sense of collaboration and achievement, strengthens friendships and forms connections on an emotional and personal level. From travelling to The MoonWalk on the train as a group to directing Walkers safely through the streets at night, it really does bring you together!

“You had to be really organised for everything to run smoothly, but the most important part of being a team player at the service station was keeping everyone energised and ready for the walkers as the night went on into morning. We kept each other going!” – Jess

How do I get my workplace involved?

Organisations are becoming more aware of the huge benefits Employer Supported Volunteering has on their workforce; improving productivity and learning and developing new skills. We’d be delighted to welcome a team from your workplace and we can help you every step of the way by providing you with:

• Promotional materials in a physical or virtual format
• A nominated Walk the Walk contact
• Support in liaising with your organisation’s Communications/CSR Team

“Everyone in the office looks forward to volunteering at The MoonWalk! We find it a great way of bonding as a team and getting to know each other on a personal level. Next year we’re planning on bringing an even bigger team!” - Emily

For more information on coordinating a corporate team, please get in touch.

I hope that we have inspired you to spread the word about Volunteering with us! If you would like more information about how your team can support The MoonWalk London or The MoonWalk Scotland, please get in touch with the Volunteer Team or call 01483 741430.

Happy Volunteering!



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