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Sonia Takes On Her 1st MoonWalk London

Thank you for the experience of a lifetime... here's to next year!

Sonia at The MoonWalk London 2017

We asked what a MoonWalk means to you and why you've signed up to take part in one of our challenges. Not only did Sonia want to raise awareness and support breast cancer causes but she also wanted to prove to herself that she could take on and conquer a full marathon! Sonia showed true determination in completing her first MoonWalk London this year and is planning on coming back for number two next year. Go Sonia!... here is what she has to say...

"My dear friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and she is a survivor but sadly all too many beautiful souls lose their lives to this disease.

It made me realise that we all only have one life so why not just live it love it and laugh every day.

So I made my bucket list and signed up for this year's Full Moon at The Moonwalk London.

I made this poster to inspire me! 
I wanted to raise awareness for breast cancer but also prove to myself that if you put your mind to it, anything is possible.

I'm a big girl with a big heart and nothing was going to stop me getting my medal.

I did the London Moonwalk... it took me nearly 13 hours following a fall at mile 10, I was lucky to have two friends who walked with me to the Finish Line.

I was second to last home but I crossed that line with a smile.

Thank you for the experience of a lifetime... here's to next year!

For every one of us that takes part we help others to live their lives too.

I'm a big girl but my heart is bigger, if I can do it anyone can!

Sign up guys and girls let's unite in the fight against this cruel disease."

Sonia x

Thank you for sharing your story Sonia and congratulations on completing your first MoonWalk London... happy Walking!

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