Some wonderful words about our MoonWalk London Volunteers!

See what our Walkers have to say about our FAB Volunteers. Read first-hand the incredible impact they’ve made on those taking part in The MoonWalk London.

❤ Volunteering Is Priceless ❤

Volunteering at the MoonWalk London is vital! Simply put.. without our incredible team of hundreds of Volunteers, we would not be able to run our fabulous event! Our dedicated and remarkable Volunteer Team make up our amazing overnight powerhouse of a workforce to support our Walkers, every step of the way. From their very first arrival at MoonWalk City to their last and no doubt aching step over the finish line, our Volunteers bring wonderful smiles and encouragement to everyone they see!

Time and time again we are overwhelmed and really grateful for the incredible support we receive from so many people from all over the country. Selfless individuals dedicating their time and efforts to help others taking on their epic overnight challenge, uniting together and raising funds to help those living with breast and other cancers.

But hey, don’t take our word for it! Just listen to what some our lovely Walkers have to say about our fabulous Volunteers. Hear first-hand the incredible impact they’ve made on those taking part in the MoonWalk. We could not be prouder!

This time last year I was in hospital scrolling through all the amazing MoonWalk images on social media, thinking if I beat breast cancer I’ll be there myself next year. Well, last night I did it! An incredible experience with great energy throughout and some really inspiring stories. Huge thanks to the brilliant and friendly organisers and the amazing Volunteers who did so much to keep our spirits up.


I honestly hope the Volunteers know what a difference they make. I have done 13 (or it could be 14 MoonWalks – I’ve lost count!!!!) but not a CHANCE could I do that role - you are remarkable and big thanks to you all!

Sara Jane

Thank you, Walk the Walk and all the awesome Volunteers. Staying positive and encouraging us all for that many hours in the middle of the night is the bigger achievement!


As a first timer I didn't know what to expect but I thought it was fantastic. So well organised, we had a great time. Well done to everyone who completed it, the outfits were amazing! Big BIG shout out to all the fabulous Volunteers who kept us going, you were awesome!


The Volunteers were all amazing! Friendly and upbeat from our first steps to our last as we crossed that finish line - thank you! 


Thank you to all the Volunteers for keeping us going when our legs said otherwise, what an experience I am no longer a MoonWalk virgin! Everything was so well organised. You rock!


We actually did it and what a fab time we had and for such a great cause! Thank you to all the fantastic Marshals and Volunteers... you did an excellent job 


Congratulations to everyone who took part! Whether you are a Walker, Volunteer, or part of the WTW team, never underestimate what you do and have achieved. Thank you!


Whether you are new to us, an ex-Walker or a seasoned Volunteer, we would love you to join us in our fight against breast and other cancers. Our amazing Volunteers form the backbone of the Walk the Walk Team, supporting Walkers through the depths of the night. With so many different roles available and ways to get involved, there is something for everyone.

We NEED YOU so please, come and be a part of our cause today - Just click HERE!


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