Sheila's Fundraising Ideas!

Sheila's been walking and fundraising for Walk the Walk since 2014, hear her ideas on keeping that fundraising going as a returning MoonWalker!

 "My love affair with walking began in 2014 because I wanted to lose some weight. I told everyone that if I lost 3 stone I would sign up to take part in the Full Moon at the MoonWalk London! Well I did, so to celebrate I invited people to join me at my 60th birthday party at the MoonWalk, and the 4 of us who did it raised a smashing £2,000 between us through sponsorship, which was much better than having a party!

Since then I have taken part in the MoonWalk Scotland and done 4 more MoonWalks in London. However, you cannot keep asking for sponsorship, so I thought I would organise a treasure hunt.  While I was out training I‘d look for clues – I walked the route 6 times which really helps with the training! I also did a lucky dip and even passers by were having a go! I made £233 and everyone enjoyed it, including me!

Being retired I don’t have work colleagues, so fundraising is harder now. However, I have found that making things and selling them works for me now because people like something for their money. What sells well is Christmas stockings, Santa bottle covers, Easter chicks and bags, and Walk the Walk Bra pin badges.

So my advice is, find something you like doing and do that to raise your fundraising!

To purchase a Peter Rabbit pattern please email [email protected] - they are very cheap!"


Thank you for sharing your ideas, Sheila! We look forward to seeing you at The MoonWalk London 2023!

If you have a fundraising event or activity planned, take a look at our extra bits and pieces to help you... if we can help in any way, please do get in touch!

Raise money, Raise awareness, Get fit and Have the best fun Walking the Walk!


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