Sarah's ten years challenge with charity Walk the Walk

Six years ago, I challenged myself to do 10 different challenges in 10 years in 10 different countries – all raising money and awareness for Walk the Walk

“I heard about Walk the Walk from a friend – it was some years ago, perhaps as far back as 2004.

I first completed The MoonWalk London 12 years ago as a personal challenge to get fit. But I also really admire it as a celebration of all diverse bodies and Walk the Walk champions them in every shape, size and body type.

Six years ago, I challenged myself to do 10 different challenges in 10 years in 10 different countries – all raising money and awareness for Walk the Walk. My ambition is to raise £15,000 for the charity.

So far as part of my 10-year challenge, I have completed The MoonWalk London, The MoonWalk Iceland, The MoonWalk Scotland, the Arctic Challenge, The Camino 100 and this year I take on Disneyland Paris!

My youngest daughter, who is 22, is joining me this year and we will complete the Disneyland Paris Challenge together. My other two daughters have both joined me at past MoonWalk London events and I’ve had various friends walk with me along the way too.

I love meeting new people and when I do the overseas challenges I simply go as ‘me’ – not as a mum, wife, granny or boss. I take everyone on face value and vice versa.

All the events I have done are amazing for a variety of reasons. You are on a journey with a whole range of people – it doesn’t matter that you all come from different backgrounds, places and stories. Sharing the experience and a laugh together is enough. Every event teaches you something different about yourself, as well as pushing your boundaries.

The MoonWalk Iceland is indescribable. I saw things that I never thought I’d see in my life, including the most incredible waterfalls you can imagine. The Arctic Challenge is full of stunning scenery and landscapes - I’ve never seen the sky looking so beautiful, especially lit up with stars.

The Camino 100 challenge last year was physically exhausting but extremely satisfying! We covered 100 miles in five days through some of the most amazing countryside.

As well as taking part in The MoonWalk London as a Walker, I have also volunteered at the event. It is extremely emotional to see the event from a different perspective and to watch thousands of people all taking part in the event for different reasons.

I always wear a decorated bra to complete the challenges – for me it is compulsory! I’m thinking I might go for a Little Mermaid bra for the Disneyland Paris Challenge this year.

To complete my 10 challenges in 10 years, over the next three years I’m thinking about taking on The Berlin Marathon, The New York Marathon and The Dublin Marathon – before finishing back in London, where it all began. Above all else, I’ll follow my granny’s advice throughout: Shoulders back, bust forward, and smile”

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