Sandra explains why her Oban Care Bears team can’t wait for this year’s MoonWalk Scotland

I sign up every year because I’ve seen first-hand what a difference Walk the Walk’s grants make.

“This will be my tenth MoonWalk and I plan to keep on walking for many years to come. I originally set myself a target of doing ten MoonWalks before I turn 60, which is happening later this year, so I’m right on target!

I really enjoy keeping myself fit by walking and I’m also motivated to keep taking part by the atmosphere at the event itself, which is just indescribable. Most importantly, I sign up every year because I’ve seen first-hand what a difference grants from breast cancer charity Walk the Walk make.

When I first started doing The MoonWalk Scotland, Walk the Walk funded the Scalp Coolers, which were used in the Haematology and Chemotherapy Day Bed Unit, at the Lorn and Islands Hospital where I work. These are amazing machines which are used to help prevent hair loss for patients undergoing certain types of chemotherapy.  The technology in the machines has really improved over the years and patients can now cope much better with the cold temperatures while using them. The coolers work brilliantly for so many people – although of course not for everyone.

I’ve also seen first-hand how Walk the Walk’s grants have helped fund Maggie’s Cancer Care Centres in Scotland. A friend of mine who passed away from breast cancer a couple of years ago used one of the Maggie’s centres herself. Her husband also found it a lovely place to go and sit on his own, or chat to others if he wanted to. 

I was thrilled to be invited when HRH The Duchess of Cornwall visited Maggie’s Gartnavel in Glasgow, of which Walk the Walk is the principal funder . Listening to staff and the people who use the centre was amazing. It’s so inspiring, knowing that with every step you take during The MoonWalk, you are making a difference, not only to the person who has cancer, but also to their family and friends, who are all welcome to use the facilities.

We need to help people with cancer and their families, now more than ever. It’s been a very unsettling time over the last couple of years, both for cancer patients and the charities who try to make things a little bit easier for them.

Although I have worked throughout the pandemic, walking and training for The MoonWalk has definitely helped me to cope – I also took part in The Virtual MoonWalk Scotland in 2021. Walking has been such a bonus, especially with Covid meaning that we didn’t see family and friends as regularly as we would have liked.

I never give up training between MoonWalks, although I do cut down the number of miles I walk during the winter months, when it’s dark at night. I increase my miles, once the lighter nights start. I always try to stay focussed and keep up my fitness levels.

The members of our “Oban Care Bears” team change each year – people come and go, but the team still keeps going!  We are planning to continue supporting Walk the Walk for many years to come. I am so glad that we’ll able to gather again as one big happy family at The MoonWalk Scotland, wearing our themed bras and costumes. I am the seamstress in the team so I have an extra-busy few weeks ahead!

Everyone taking part in The MoonWalk is there for the same reason - to enjoy the night and raise as much money as they can for a fabulous cause. This really gives me a spring in my step, both between MoonWalks and during the event itself”.

With Gaynor Wotherspoon after finishing The Virtual MoonWalk Scotland in 2021

Thank you for sharing your story Sandra and we look forward to seeing you and The Oban Care Bears at The MoonWalk Scotland 2022!

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