Sally, the New York City Marathon and more

I will be reaching a milestone birthday that could be the perfect reason to take part again. I have registered my interest, anybody fancy joining me?

I first fell in love with New York when I was 16 and went over to visit relatives. Like many Scots it has always been in our DNA to emigrate to the US, in fact my son now lives in Philadelphia, another great excuse for visiting NYC.


So over the years I have had many trips to America’s city that never sleeps. But taking part in the iconic TCS New York City Marathon as part of Team Walk the Walk has certainly been by far the best way of experiencing the City and definitely the most fun!

On the morning of the eve of the event Walk the Walk always take part in the Dash to the Finish Line 5K. Starting at the United Nations Building and walking through midtown Manhattan past many iconic buildings and finishing at the actual Finish Line of the Marathon in Central Park. Be prepared to have lots of FUN, you can hardly move before the start of the event for people taking photos of Team Walk the Walk, it is honestly surreal!


This is a taster for THE BIG EVENT and the fun continues early next morning as we excitingly head off, in our WTW t-shirts and bras, to join over 50,000 entrants at the Start Line on Staten Island for THE NEW YORK CITY MARATHON!

Our bras throughout the day create loads of awareness for breast cancer, talking to people from all over the world -  mission accomplished! I love the bras that we created based on NYC taxis as all through the event the crowds shout "Cab! Cab!" Our response? ... "Get in line", ooooh the fun! As Nina first walked in 1996 we are quite famous and the crowd shout "here come the bra girls" - even though there are men in our Team. 

The Marathon route takes us through 5 Boroughs starting at Staten Island, crossing over the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge continuing through Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and then Manhattan each with their own identity and atmosphere, the support is incredible. There is no way you could soak this up on a bus tour! Just imagine... walking up 5th Ave, it is like a dream... Into Central Park and over the Finish Line... and oh, that medal! What an experience, memories made to treasure forever.


A quick bath and back out wearing said medal of course, to celebrate with the rest of the City. 

And the Walk the Walk final celebration is breakfast the next day in Ellons Diner - a unique all-American experience and what a feeling to relive the day before with your Walk the Walk Team mates. Then the time is yours to do whatever you want shopping, visiting museums, The Empire State, Central Park... the list is endless. 

Remember we walk, albeit with a time limit of 7 hours but achievable for everybody, although if you prefer to run that is okay too. I will be reaching a milestone birthday that could be the perfect reason to take part again.

I have Registered my Interest, anybody fancy joining me? 

Good luck Team Walk the Walk I will be thinking of you and just a wee bit jealous. 

Sally x



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