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If you’re wanting to Volunteer with friends or family, we can keep you together in the same role if you let us know who you all are when you register.

Thinking about Volunteering? Are you walking but have a friend that wants to cheer you on and meet you at the Finish Line? Love luminous yellow!?

Then read on to learn a little more about what Volunteering at a MoonWalk with Walk the Walk involves!

The first thing that’s good to know is that we have three shifts over the course of the night that you can choose from. Some roles are only available in one shift, whilst others feature across multiple. Below are a few highlights:

Saturday Evening (usually from around 6pm through to midnight)

The first shift of the evening has lots of site based roles that help to get our Walkers ready to head off into the night.

Help our Walkers find everything they’ll need on site by joining our directional team. From where they can get their dinner, drop off their bag or get a bra tattooed on their face, you can point them in the right direction!

Storing thousands of bags takes some serious organising! Over the course of Saturday evening, Walkers will be wanting to store their bag ready for when they return. We have organised tents ready to fill!

Clean and Recycle team
Enjoy the buzz in and around the big pink tent, chat with Walkers and pick up a wrapper as you go! This is a particularly great role if you need to have a sit down every so often.
We’ve got litter pickers and brooms at the ready to help keep the site clean. And once the Walkers have set off, we’ve got a rather large pink tent that will need clearing ready for their arrival back on site. It takes organisation and team work to clear a tent the size of two football pitches. Are you up for the challenge?

Also available in this shift: Water crew, Tattoos and Balloons, Kitchen, Volunteer Tent, Massage, WalkWear and New Moon Registration (Scotland only).

Saturday Overnight (Saturday – Sunday overnight – we can be flexible, especially for those accompanying walkers!)

This is the perfect shift if you want to cheer on a friend or family member and be back on site to see them across the Finish Line.

Route Marshal
Cheer our Walkers on and help light up the route in wonderfully bright hi-vis t-shirts and caps. Teams will cover a zone of the walk to ensure Walkers progress safely and in the right direction.

HOT TIP! If you’re coming with a Walker, do let us know their estimated finish time as we will place you in a zone that will be back on site to see them across the Finish Line. We typically place Half Moon supporters in zones 3-5, Full Moon supporters in zones further down the route and in Scotland, our Over The Moon supporters make great Early Morning Marshals too.

Another vital support team out on our route – our mobile marshals. Much like our route marshals, our cyclists help cheer our Walkers on and ensure they are progressing safely along the route. You need to have your own bike and safety equipment.

A site role during shift 2 is in the baggage team, though this time, handing back bags to Walkers as they return from their challenges. Our Walkers will need their extra layers quickly after they return so if you’re organised and can work well as a team, this would be a great role for you.

Other roles available in this shift: Drivers, Finish Line, Directional, Volunteer Tent, Clean and Recycle, Hot Drinks Stand, Water Stop, Fruit Station, Service Marshal, and Route Refuse and Recycle.

Sunday Morning (usually from around 6am through to midday)

Early Morning Marshals
Our Early Morning Marshals arrive, well, early, and are driven out to a section of the route that needs the most support at that time. As our overnight Marshals finish up their shift, Early Morning Marshals step in to take over and cheer our Walkers round their final few miles.


Much like our shift 2 cyclists, our fresh team of cyclists are sent out on the route to support Walkers and route marshals, cheering them on and keeping them safe and on the pavements.

Other roles available in this shift: Drivers, Finish Line, Volunteer Tent, Clean and Recycle, Baggage and Over The Moon/ 3 Land Challenge Tent (Scotland only).

Other bits you might want to know…

If you’re wanting to Volunteer with friends or family, we can keep you together in the same role if you let us know who you all are when you register.

We send out full briefing notes prior to the night with all the information you need on where to go, when to arrive and what you’ll be doing!

We provide wonderfully bright Volunteering t-shirts and caps for you to wear – they’re designed to fit over all your layers so do pack that extra jumper! These can be picked up on the night from the Volunteers Tent once you’ve registered.

Want to chat some more about Volunteering? Give us a call on 01483 741430 or send us an email.

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