One more sleep until... The MoonWalk Scotland 2022!

We're excited to finally be back in Edinburgh for The MoonWalk Scotland!

Just one more sleep remains… WE CAN’T WAIT! It’s been three years since we’ve been able to hold a LIVE MoonWalk in Scotland… and it is going to be AMAZING!

With our wonderful Virtual MoonWalkers trail blazing through the day, then handing the virtual baton to our LIVE MoonWalkers who will take on their challenge through the night… this is going to be one very special MoonWalk! Wherever you're taking on your MoonWalk challenge, smile and wave at your fellow MoonWalkers and Volunteers! We are one big Walk the Walk family after all!

So, make sure you keep your eyes peeled on social media and read on for a snippet of what our Virtual and Live MoonWalkers can expect…

For the Virtual Trail Blazers…

  • Wake up and warm-up with Roy Gayle! Roy has been warming up MoonWalkers for years on end, he knows exactly how to get those muscles stretched and warmed up, ready to take on your challenge!
  • Say hello to the Walk the Walk HQ team! As you take on The MoonWalk in your local area, we want to know how you're getting on! We'll be aiming to call all of you from head office and can't wait to chat with you!
  • Look out for a very special message from Walk the Walk Ambassador, actress Harriet Thorpe!

For The MoonWalk Scotland LIVE and Virtual Walkers…

Make sure you stay connected with Walk the Walk throughout your challenge by following the Facebook Event Page and our main Facebook page!

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram too!

Use the hashtag #moonwalkscot... we want to see your pictures, videos and updates from start to finish!

For our MoonWalk London LIVE Walkers...​​​​​​​

Get prepared to unite with your fellow MoonWalkers for a very special moment... Download the 'Screen Light Color' from your app store and choose hot pink. Please note it's the American spelling of color!

Fundraise while you MoonWalk!

Get your online fundraising page working as hard as you! Whilst pounding the streets, get the pounds rolling in! Upload a shot of you in action as you take on your challenge and share your fundraising page with your friends and family!

MoonWalk LIVE Walkers -  Keep an eye out for the buildings lighting up pink to support you through the night in the background. Don't forget to snap a pic! 

"The Way Old Friends Do" by Hazell Dean

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It's going to be an incredible day and night... we can't wait to celebrate with you all... see you tomorrow!

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