Nine years of MoonWalks Sandie shares story of breast cancer walk

Sandie first took part in The MoonWalk Scotland after losing a friend to breast cancer and now takes part each year with her daughters

In 2009 my Sister in Law said she’d like to take part in The MoonWalk Scotland, a friend of hers had breast cancer that they couldn’t do any more for, she didn’t want to do it alone so I said I’d do it with her. So we entered the 2010 Edinburgh Full Moon. That was the beginning of my MoonWalk ‘addiction’.

Training wasn’t easy, we both worked, our husbands worked, our kids were small but we got it done. When we got to Edinburgh on the night it was amazing, walking toward Inverleith park and seeing the big pink tent for the first time was so exciting, we were nervous but it was soon forgotten about as we got swept along in the atmosphere, entertainment, inspiring stories, and words and when we did the minutes silence the emotion in the tent was intense.

It was as tough as we’d expected it to be, we both felt awful at one point but it was also amazing, the city of Edinburgh completely turns out in support with banners, people handing out food, the city buildings lighting up pink and I know people say what we do is great but all the volunteers are fantastic with smiles, sweets, hugs, cheers. When we crossed the Finish Line we were elated and it was all good till I phoned firstly my husband and then my mum (who was babysitting) then the emotion took over and I cried like a baby only just managing to get words out.

After that my niece and 2 daughters, then ages 12, 10 and 6 all said they wanted to do it when they were old enough so in the years that followed as each of them turned 13 I came back to do The MoonWalk Scotland Half Moon, that was 2011, 2014 and 2017. If I had felt pride and emotion when I completed it in 2010 it was nothing to how proud I was those years to see the girls challenging themselves and completing their challenge, again the city stepped up and showed amazing support and they were further helped by all the support and encouragement fellow walkers gave them, I think they believed it more coming from other people.

I also did The MoonWalk Scotland Half Moon in 2012 with another friend who wanted to raise money as a friend of hers had just had a double mastectomy but also wanted the challenge as she didn’t walk anywhere. And in 2014 because I’d already entered the MoonWalk Scotland Half Moon with my eldest daughter and I’d always wanted to do The MoonWalk London I entered the Full Moon in London but unlike my sister in law all those years ago went on my own cos you’re never really alone on a MoonWalk, by now we’d moved 120 miles north so it was around a 1200 mile round trip for London.

In 2018 my niece who was now 20 and my youngest daughter who was turning 14 (and is also type 1 diabetic) decided they would like to take the next step and do a full moon so we booked and headed back to Edinburgh and as always it didn’t disappoint. Laura (my daughter) went on stage and took part in Roys warm up and sprained her ankle at mile 20 but nothing was stopping her and we all crossed the Finish Line.

So to 2019, I am turning 40 and the only other moonwalk I’d always wanted to do was The MoonWalk Iceland. Laura having done Edinburgh wanted to do London so with 2 out of 3 already being considered I decided to go for it and enter The Three Land Challenge. Laura would’ve liked to do the 3 Land Challenge as well but seeing as she’s too young has decided to do Edinburgh with me as well and is planning the 3LC when she’s old enough, this apparently means I’ve to do it again as well.

These will be my 8th, 9th and 10th moonwalks but what I’m most proud of is the fact that I made my niece and daughters want to take part in this at 13 and for the youngest not stop, she will stand at London for her 3rd moonwalk aged 14 and in Edinburgh for her 4th one week after her 15th birthday.

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