My Road to Paris Part 3 – January to March 2016

The training paid off! 16 miles a few weekends later went so much better and I feel I am on track for the challenge

My Road to the Paris Marathon…

January 2016 and the training programme has now really kicked in. My past experience of events has shown me that the Walk the Walk training programme really works so I carefully add dates to the plan to make sure I stay on track for the goal on 3 April. The only slight change I make is to do more interval training during the week and then try for distance and speed at the weekends.

I really start to push myself hard as I want to achieve this challenge. There are definite moments when I think it is so hard that I am not sure I can do it, but I always push on. I know how much I like the results of feeling fitter, getting toned, losing some weight and of course crossing the Finish Line.

By the end of January, I find I am regularly Walking 13 minute miles over the shorter distances of 4 – 6 miles. Time to try something a bit longer… My first attempt at 12 miles was far too slow at 14 minute miles – and it hurt! So I keep doing those intervals midweek and plenty of stretching.

The training paid off! 16 miles a few weekends later went so much better and I feel I am on track for the challenge. I felt I was achieving my full speed for much but not all of the distance and was definitely faster in the second half than the first, so still room for improvement. Unfortunately, this is when I discover that I often feel nauseous when asking a lot of my body. Apparently this is not uncommon. On the plus side, recovery time following the training is now getting quicker. I start to believe… just a few more weeks…. I can do this!

It is at this time that I realise I may not be having enough rest and allowing my body the time it deserves to recover between walks and to strengthen the muscles. I start to make a conscious effort to get a reasonable night’s sleep each night and the difference is noticeable. Interval training becomes easier and I am getting faster – even the slower bits now seem quite speedy! Longer distances too are now at a faster pace than previously.

Time for the long 20-mile training walk. Setting off optimistically on my route, I start to feel nauseous after a few miles, which annoyingly remained for the rest of the walk. The full distance completed in 4 hours 44 minutes – not quite as fast as I would have liked, however I know from experience that the adrenaline flow on marathon day will likely help me to walk faster!

2 weeks to go…….eek. Time to get the bra ready


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