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Thus, we three are going to stop talking the talk and are hitting Edinburgh to Walk the Walk.

Marian, Joka & Bonnie, aka. Team Amsterdammertjes, Walked the Walk at The MoonWalk Scotland and shared this poem... we absolutely loved it and just had to share! 

My Mum, Aunt and I are doing this walk as my Mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 6 years ago. Fortunately, our story has a happy ending. We wanted to support the Breast Cancer community and we are delighted to do it together in Scotland! - Bonnie

All of us girls with our healthy 'baps',
not everybody is quite so lucky perhaps.....
With a small lump, or an ache in the breast
Lives can be shattered, just by hearing the outcome of a test.

Thus, we three are going to stop talking the talk 
and are hitting Edinburgh to Walk the Walk.
In the middle of the night only by moonlight
are we aiming to help all girls ( and boys ) with this terrible plight.

We will walk 21 km which is 13 miles
by which we are hoping to raise cash in piles
to help find a cure for everybody with this awful disease
thank you for reading, give generously please.

This is an Anglo - Dutch effort from 

But, seriously......Many many lives are being saved through medical research and breakthroughs which enables Breast Cancer patients to return to live long and healthy lives. It would be fantastic if ALL Breast Cancer patients would be able to do that! Please, give what you can, every penny counts. - Marian, Joka & Bonnie 

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