Men get breast cancer too - MoonWalk London and MoonWalk Scotland

New T-shirts from breast cancer charity Walk the Walk hope to spread awareness that Men Get Breast Cancer Too

Walk the Walk has listened and is bringing some much needed blue into the otherwise very pink world of breast cancer awareness. 

Hundreds of men taking part in our MoonWalks in London and Scotland this year will be given specially designed t-shirts – featuring for the very first time, a blue checked bra!                

The striking new t-shirts, which feature the message “men get breast cancer too!” are part of Walk the Walk’s campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer in men and to encourage men to check themselves regularly. Three hundred and fifty* men a year are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK. However, many cases are discovered very late and 80* men a year die of the disease. 

As part of our campaign we recently brought together six men, who have all had breast cancer, believed to be the largest group of men with breast cancer ever to gather in the UK. We acted on the men’s feedback that breast cancer charities need to be a little less pink.       

Giles Cooper from Gloucestershire (pictured above) was diagnosed with breast cancer after both his father and uncle had died of the disease and is delighted with the new t-shirts:

“The blue bra T shirts are a fantastically poignant symbol that men too can get breast cancer. Thank you Walk the Walk for helping us to get the message out there!”

Retired police officer Dave Talbot from Bristol has also been treated for breast cancer. He said:

“It’s great to see Walk the Walk recognise that Breast Cancer can affect men as well as women and the new 'Blue Bra' T-Shirt is brilliant!” 

 We would love to encourage more men to sign up for our MoonWalks! Nina Barough CBE, Founder and Chief Executive of Walk the Walk said:

“We’re so passionate at Walk the Walk about raising the awareness that men can get breast cancer too. We hope that these new T shirts, which will be exclusively for all our MoonWalking men, will help to spread this incredibly important message to even more people. If the “blue bra” can persuade one more man to check himself for symptoms, one more woman to persuade the men in her life to get themselves checked out -  it will have been a success. Breast cancer affects both men and women, so let’s get even more men signing up for a MoonWalk this year and create an incredible sea of blue and pink!” 

Help us raise awareness and continue to make a difference by joining us as at The MoonWalk London or The MoonWalk Scotland... let's all unite against breast cancer!  

*Source: Breast Cancer Now, March 2018 



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