March 2024 Fundraising Ideas

As our gardens and the countryside begin to wake up, use this time to think about how you could use your outdoor spaces to help your fundraising GROW!

Spring has nearly SPRUNG! With the weather brightening up and the days getting warmer, could you open your garden to the public, or host a Garden party? Start planning now to get your fundraising blooming!


Easter is early this year and the perfect time to raise some funds! Who doesn’t love chocolate and a fun competition? Try out one of our EGGcellent Easter ideas below!

Easter Basket Raffle

Decorate an Easter Basket and fill with a large Easter egg.  Tie with a large bow and hold a raffle!

Guess the number of eggs in a jar

Fill a jar with mini eggs and cream eggs and charge people to guess how many there are! (Winner gets to keep the eggs of course...)

Finding the Golden Egg

Paint some eggs with some bright designs and then part bury them in a tray of sand. Paint one egg golden at the bottom and ask your friends and colleagues to pick which they think is the golden egg - The winner then gets a prize!

Get Crafty this Easter

Knit or crochet some cute chicks or bunnies and turn them into egg cosies with a chocolate egg inside - These can then be sold for a donation.

You must be yoking!

Think of how many egg jokes you can think of – It will crack you up! That’s more than un oeuf!

Egg Cosies knitted by our fabulous fundraiser, Sheila

Mother’s Day – March 10th

Spread the love by making some Mother’s Day presents. Maybe you could make some cards filled with heartfelt messages, Spring bloom flower bouquets or you could cook some indulgent sweets or fudge presented in a pretty box. All for a donation of course!

Choccies made by another one of our wonderful fundraisers, Angela

Popcorn Lovers Day - March 14th

Why not host a popcorn “popping” party by streaming a film, getting your beanbags out and turning those kernels fluffy? Or you might like to make up some pretty popcorn cones, tied with a ribbon for your friends and work colleagues.

Head-Turning Hat Day - March 28th

Have a bit of fun at the office for  £2.00 donation by asking your work colleagues to wear a hat to work (anything goes, the crazier the better!). You can then award a prize to the most head-turning hat!

Link your Training to your Fundraising!

Now the training programme has started, link your training to your fundraising page by setting yourself challenges on your fundraising page! (If you need to know how to create new challenges on your fundraising page, follow this link).

Set yourself a weekly training challenge and tick it off when it’s done! Walked 6 miles? Tick! Walked a 3 minute mile!? Tick! Then SHARE, SHARE, SHARE your achievements on your social media/email and take your friends along with you on your fitness journey!

Get Planting!

If you’re the green fingered type now’s the time to plant seeds for your summer fundraising. From tomatoes to chillis, summer bedding or shrubs, get those seeds germinating ready for an early summer sale of cuttings and seedlings!

CharityGo App

Did you know that by downloading the CharityGo app on your fundraising page, you can turn your phone into an instant card reader? With few people carrying cash nowadays this is invaluable if you are holding an event or raffle, or just happen to bump into someone on your training walks who wants to donate! Download the instructions here if you need them.

Beat the Goalie! 

Now the weather is brightening up, it's time to get outdoors! Get your sports pals together for a beat-the-goalie competition -3 shots to the back of the net, for a fee of course. Give a prize for the best goal! Have football related games and a raffle to add a bit more interest. Of course, you will need a volunteer to be the goalie!

We have lots and lots of fundraising ideas which are updated monthly, fundraising posters and much more available... our Fundraising Team will be on hand during the course of your challenge adventure to help you at any time! Or if we can help in any way, please do get in touch

Raise Money, Raise Awareness, Get Fit and Have Fun Walking the Walk!



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