Maids in Manhattan do New York Marathon

"New Yorkers loved our decorated bras ‘Here come the bra girls’ they’d shout from afar"

At the start of the year, the MIMs team was born
With palpable fear the trainers were worn
26 miles or 42 k
‘Let’s do it, let’s do it’, I heard you all say
After months and months of training miles
We waved our goodbyes and took to the skies

We arrived by Delta and BA
The Hilton on 40th wasn’t that far away
We decided to call it the Hard Work Hotel
As the elevator system was pretty much hell

We met in the fizz-free rooftop bar
Then ate at the resto on the hotel ground floor
On signing for the bill, and to our surprise
Another plate of pasta appeared before our eyes

Saturday dawned bright and gay
The 5k dash the order of the day
We performed the hokey cokey and turned around
Then tripped from UN to the Central Park crowd

After the dash we walked to the Expo
To register was easy - as Nina had said so
Saturday night we dined at Vice Versa
The no-booze rule was such a disaster

Our team was christened Team Missing One
But no one was lost we were just having fun

The day of the marathon dawned overcast and breezy
The bus to the ferry straightforward and easy
We hung around the ferry glass gate
Eating bagels and ‘nanas in a nervous state
The ferry to Staten was flat and smooth
On disembarking there were more public loos
We boarded another bus to get to the start line
Looking at watches saying, ‘not long ‘til the off time’
After a final group hug and last minute pep talk
We moved to the start line all ready to speed walk
We crossed into Brooklyn over a dystopian bridge
Then onwards to Queens using the Queensboro Bridge
Manhattan was next and the going got tough
As the drizzle came down and we’d all had enough

But the music and cheering lifted our spirits
Without them we sure would have felt our sore bits
New Yorkers loved our decorated bras
‘Here come the bra girls’ they’d shout from afar
On and on and the miles flew past
We were hoping and hoping we would make the last
The Bronx was a turning point as we headed to the Park
The finish line felt close just as it got dark

For the last few miles the adrenalin flowed
As we got faster and faster and nobody slowed
With blisters and toe nails just hanging on
We rose to the challenge and started to run
With arms raised and smiles from ear to ear
We crossed the finish line with blinking great cheers
We hugged and we cried and we were so proud
We’ve smashed it, we’ve smashed it for crying out loud
26 miles or 42 k
‘We did it, we did it’, I heard you all say

At the end of the race we were wrapped in our ponchos
Then off to the subway – please can we now doze?
Some succumbed to a low sugar stupor
But glucose and water restored our storm troopers

At the after party we were all in a tizz
With Maureen and Gillian providing the fizz
We staggered to Orso for pizza and pasta
The final walk home not very much faster

At breakfast on Monday at the Starburst Diner
The singing of musicals could not have been finer
And giggle we did as played with our food
For singing and dancing we were not in the mood
We started to say our goodbyes to the team
As the stiffness kicked in, we were all out of steam

The marathon was a super human test
But everyone broke their personal best
Hats off to y’all who stepped up to the day
As walk the walk charity made £14k
You’ve all been brilliant and I’ll never forget
The looks on your faces as you crossed at the end

26 miles or 42 k
‘NEVER AGAIN!’, I heard you all say OR
26 miles or 42 k
‘LET’S DO IT AGAIN!’, I heard you all say

Register your Interest and join us next November at the world famous New York City Marathon... make 2019 the year you unite with us against breast cancer and help make a difference.  


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