Let’s turn a Blue Monday to rosy Pink... Have we got news for you!

Walk the Walk will be awarding £1 million from its reserves, to be granted towards breast cancer causes across the UK, so thanks to you... our Fundraisers, Volunteers and Supporters for helping to make this happen!

Times are hard so we want the grant to benefit those living with cancer, as well as support innovations in cancer treatments. Wherever it goes, we want it to make the most difference at this time!

Watch this space... keep your eyes peeled and we’ll be sure to let you know what happens next!

Got the January blues?

Following all the excesses of the festive season, Blue Monday is allegedly the most depressing day of the year. By this date, dark nights feel long, motivation has fizzled out and many of us have already given up on pledges, goals and New Year’s resolutions… Walk the Walk are here to make your day rosy and pink… so let’s get out walking!

Walking is proven to boost your emotional and physical health and generally make your world brighter, at the same time you will be making a difference to those with breast cancer.

You can beat the Blues by joining one of our challenges, start by just putting one foot in front of another.

Walking out of your front door will lead you into your own outdoor spa, as much fresh air as you could want, calming trees and best of all, membership is free!

Walking helped Nina when she had breast cancer

‘When I had breast cancer, if I felt a bit down or tired, especially if I was about to have any treatment, it was tempting to curl up and hide on the settee… but that would just make me feel even worse and fearful of all that  I was facing at that time. Instead, I discovered quite quickly that if I went out for a walk, creating and repeating short positive mantras in a rhythm that matched my walking pace, my thoughts would become much more positive, my posture was stronger and I moved more purposefully.

... on the way back I would make a point of stopping to have a tea or something nice. It made the whole experience feel like a treat.

I came to realise that walking really is a treat! As for walking in the middle of winter… As long as you have the right clothes, even better! Winter can actually be the best time of year to get out walking, and can be such an empowering experience. All weather is walking weather. It's good for your mood, your mind, and your overall physical wellbeing.  When you get home, your skin’s cold,  you smell of fresh air and when you get back to the sofa with a hot drink it feels like the best place in the world!

To introduce regular walking into your life, no matter what your ability all you have to do is start putting one foot in front of another and begin by setting small goals for small wins like walking to the corner shop and back,  then push yourself a little bit further the next day.

It’s amazing how quickly you will start to see and feel the benefits' – Nina

Here’s five good reasons why!

If you are still looking for a little motivation as to why you should get out walking, look no further!

  1. Walking is the most accessible sport for every age and ability. – Just step out of your front door and go, then build up your walking slowly at your own pace, why not try our free MAD2 walking plan to get started… You would be MAD not to!
  2. Walking and being active has now been proven to be of huge benefit for not only physical but also mental health. It comes with a long list of benefits including; it's relaxing, it improves your focus and concentration, reduces stress, improves your mood, is good for your heart, great for your bones, helps with PMS, helps even more with menopausal symptoms… and the list goes on!
  3. No gym membership The world is one big, outdoor spa… and 7% of breast cancers could be avoided just by being more active!
  4. Signing up for The MoonWalk London 2023 will give you a goal to aim for
  5. Meanwhile, you’ll be making a difference! Funds raised at The MoonWalk will be used to support innovative research into breast cancer, and our future, as well as support those living with Cancer.

So, put your best foot forward and beat these January blues... Put on your happy walk… shoulders back, head held high, eyes straight ahead and striding with purpose, your body can actually fool your brain into feeling genuinely cheerful!

We hope we brightened your day, week, and even month! 

Love walking love life!

Nina x



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