Laura takes on The MoonWalk Scotland for her sister

We can’t wait to do something so positive in Lynn’s memory

L-R Laura, Lynn and mum Anne at The MoonWalk Scotland 2008


“Back in 2008, I took part in The MoonWalk Scotland with close family members, including my sister Lynn. At the time, we didn’t know anyone with breast cancer and we just wanted to unite together and do something for charity. We were stunned when Lynn was diagnosed with breast cancer herself in 2013 and after battling for many years, she sadly passed away in July 2022. A large family group and friends group will be taking part in The MoonWalk Scotland again this September and this time, we’re walking for my sister.

Lynn was only 38 when she was first diagnosed with lobular breast cancer. She went through treatment, including six rounds of chemotherapy, a lumpectomy and radiotherapy. At this stage, she seemed to be all clear – as much as you can ever say that with cancer.

Lynn’s health was fine until 2018, when sadly her breast cancer returned. At this stage, we were told that the cancer couldn’t be cured and that the only option was for her to have various different types of treatment plans which would keep the disease at bay for as long as possible.

Lynn (left) and Laura

The first plan worked well for about three years, but after that the doctors never really managed to get on top of Lynn’s cancer again. She started having headaches and agonising pain in her face. Sometimes, the pain was so bad, she’d take herself to A and E, but no-one could work out what was causing it. She had a brain scan, which we were told was fine, but months later it was looked at again and they found a tumour which had been there all along. It was incredibly frustrating that it hadn’t been picked up earlier, but the doctors did try and get on top of it and Lynn was given a course of radiotherapy.

Unfortunately, in May 2022, Lynn was told that the cancer had spread to the lining of her brain and that she only had months to live. She was very poorly and was in and out of the hospice, but during this time, she managed to make a wonderful trip to see the tennis at Wimbledon with her husband. She was absolutely determined that she was going to go, so she did! She was on a mission and we couldn’t talk her out if it, even though she was finding it difficult to eat at this stage and was also having trouble with her speech. We encouraged her to speak to the hospice for advice before she travelled to Wimbledon, but she didn’t, she just said “I know what they’ll say – they’ll ask me to come in!” After the trip, she got straight back on the train and returned to the hospice.

Lynn powered through her cancer journey and never, ever complained about it. She was just incredible and was determined to live her life. She always worried about everyone else, rather than herself and her biggest fear was what it would be like for the rest of us, after she passed.

Sadly, Lynn lived for only six weeks after that final diagnosis. Just ten days after her amazing trip to Wimbledon, she passed away aged 47 on 8th July 2022, leaving her husband and children who were just 14 and 11. As a family, we were all able to support Lynn as much as we could as her illness took hold – Mum and Dad were amazing and they still help Lynn’s family so much now, as do I, where we can.

Lynn and her husband Steve at Wimbledon

In Lynn’s memory, we’re all determined to be as positive as she was and we know she wouldn’t want it any other way. When I’m feeling down, I remember how Lynn wouldn’t throw her duvet over her head, because she couldn’t face the day, so I don’t either! Knowing what Lynn was like during such an awful time for her gives us so much strength.

Back in 2008, we had such an amazing time completing The MoonWalk Scotland – it was a real family affair – me, my sister, our mum, plus my mother-in-law and my two sisters-in-law. It was such a wonderful bonding experience for us and we loved training together, getting to know each better and doing something brilliant for charity at the same time.

Taking part in The MoonWalk Scotland this September will be so different, as Lynn won’t be with us and instead, we will be walking in her honour. We’ve gathered together another large family group, as well as some friends, with some of us doing the Half Moon (13.1 miles) and some the Full Moon (26.2 miles). We can’t wait to do something so positive in Lynn’s memory, so that we can give something back for all the amazing treatment and care Lynn received over the years”.

Thank you for sharing your story Laura! There’s still time to sign up for The MoonWalk Scotland 2023 LIVE and VIRTUAL. Entries close Midday Tuesday 29 August 2023, unless the last few places are taken before... so don't delay, enter now! 



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