Kate’s Great North Run Experience

Would I do the Great North Run again? …….. Try and stop me

I said “Thats it, no more events this year I promise”, my partner raised his eyebrows knowing that it was a promise that I just could not keep. 2012 Was my year to complete the Three Land Challenge for Walk the Walk and with emotions attached to that event of such gigantuous proportions would there ever be another event to match this?
Easily led and a body saturated in PEB’S (Post Event Blues) I got a frantic call from one of my new found Walk the Walk Buddies that a place had come available for the Great North Run. It took moments I was in and signed up……oooops!

Body battered and full of injury I had the rush of another event to look forward too, training was put on a back burner whilst I recovered and even had to pull out of the Sunwalk but it had to be sacrificed in order to get to the North.

The day before the event came fuelled with such excitement partially about the event but mainly because WE (The 3LC) crew were having a mini reunion, I boarded my train from Kings Cross and headed up North. When we get together its a feeling of having all your sisters in one room, lots of noise, lots of gossip and a feeling like it was only yesterday we were together last oh and raising a glass to absent friends.

An early start was the order of the day , a chilly nip in the air just perfect for a sequinned bra! but as always being one of Nina’s soldiers we Man up and wear them with pride. The buzz was electric . so many people busy doing those last minute checks a real mix of serious runners, fun runners and us.

We all met up for team photos before making our way to the start line, Such a large event does mean a lot of walking to get to your starting point and of course to even cross the start line it self, but having said that a great time to chat to fellow runners/walkers. The heavens opened and it did rain as we made our way ever closer to the start line but with the Olympic Stars of Team GB at the start and of course Our very own Mr Roy Gayle waving frantically at us the rain could not dampen our spirits.

We were off, and fell into our own little sub groups fairly quickly, I have the best walking buddy in the world, she stays by my side as I hers and we pace each other instinctively , cant wait till next time Wonder Woman!

I’m going to be honest with you I don’t enjoy the starts, I ask myself why? but after about 2 miles I find my stride and more importantly my smile. The infamous Bra then starts the crowd talking, shouting words of encouragement that then in turn give you light legs and speedy feet. People came out of their houses with fruit , water, ice-cubes. It was a real carnival atmosphere, an event that they were behind 100%, even though in many ways must of been a pain with all the road closures etc.

The miles went down so quickly and we were on a mission, we were on course for our fastest Half Marathon so far. The crowd were amazing, better than any other crowd Id witnessed, I felt so much emotion. I'm a Londoner born and bred but my dear late Father who I lost to cancer when I was a very young woman was from South Shields. I was a child when I last stepped foot on this land and here I am power walking my heart out dressed as a “Pink Where’s Wally” with Wonder Woman by my side, crossing the finish line with the theme tune to Wonder Woman playing , the crowds just screaming at us. What a pilgrimage!

Would I do the Great North Run again? …….. Try and stop me

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