Julia Walks the Walk at The MoonWalk London 2019

Having lost friends to breast cancer, and a scare herself, Julia tells charity Walk the Walk why she and her daughter return for 11th The MoonWalk London!

Julia and her daughter, Laura, have completed 10 Full Moons at The MoonWalk London and love it so much they've encouraged friends to get involved. Julia and Laura return in 2019 as a team of 6, including Laura's fiance. Laura and her fiance will get married on the 24th May... it looks like May is going to be a very busy month for Julia and family!

"Myself, and my daughter Laura, have been doing the full MoonWalk for the last ten years, this being our eleventh one.

It all started for us when my then neighbour talked us and another friend into it, until then we had no idea what The MoonWalk was, but we said we would give it a go. We started our training, and really got into it, it was hard going at times, but we surprised ourselves at how much fitter and energetic we felt, even though we have always been active.

Part of the experience and fun each year is deciding how to decorate our bras, and we now have quite a collection!

After the first MoonWalk, Laura and I got addicted and really enjoyed the whole experience each year, and could not imagine not doing it, as it is also a great way of keeping fit!

Five years ago we moved from London to Worcestershire, even though training is more challenging as we are very rural we still manage it. I have even got a friend to join us for the last 3 years, and this year her two daughters will be joining us, along with Laura's fiance. Laura and Jason are actually getting married on May 24th just after The MoonWalk so it will be quite a year. I have lost a couple of good friends to breast cancer, and have recently had a breast cancer scare myself, (thankfully all turned out good).

I am self-employed and have my own domestic cleaning business, and all my customers very kindly sponsor me each year, as many of them have been touched by breast cancer themselves in some way or another.

I also get the local magazines to put in a little write up each year, they are; The Cleobury Clarion (editor Jim Reynolds) and the Rock and District (editor Peter), it helps spread the word...

Just a few tips for any virgin moonwalkers, only take small sips of water during the walk to avoid toilet stops, and stitches, and don't eat too much sugary food to quickly as it can put you on a high, as I learnt...

Walk the Walk is a brilliant charity to be involved in, and I am proud to be a part of it."

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