Jennifer takes on The MoonWalk Scotland inspired by two people she lost to breast cancer

When my legs are tired in the middle of the night, the memory of my sister-in-law and my dear friend will really spur me on.

“In 2003, I lost two people who were very close to me to breast cancer. My sister-in-law had a mastectomy and chemotherapy, but her cancer came back and she sadly died. I also lost a very dear friend, who was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 30 weeks pregnant. The baby was safely delivered early, but unfortunately the cancer spread to my friend’s lungs and brain. She died just eight months later, when her other child was four. My friend was only 39 years old.

I’d always known about The MoonWalk Scotland and it was a charity which was very close to my heart because of these two amazing ladies. However, it wasn’t until 2015 that I finally signed up to take part. I’d always wanted to do The MoonWalk, but I didn’t think that I had the confidence or the capability to do it.

My friend Margaret Macleod was already a MoonWalker and in 2014, Margaret asked me to knit some chickens to help her fundraising. She then asked me to decorate her bra, which I did and have continued to do so for all her MoonWalks. 

My husband and I went down to see Margaret finish The MoonWalk at Inverleith Park that year and it was so emotional! My husband could see how moved I was and told me that if I wanted to take part, he would train with me and do The MoonWalk alongside me. So, we both signed up for 2015 and absolutely loved the event. When I completed my Full Moon (26.2 miles), the feeling was incredible – I’d actually done it. At the age of 56, I’d walked my first marathon and was so proud of myself.

Jennifer Honeyman, far left, at The MoonWalk Scotland 2019

Until the pandemic intervened, I continued to do The MoonWalk every year, getting other family members, neighbours and friends involved too. More recently, I’ve done the Half Moon (13.1 miles), instead of the Full Moon, so that I can go and support Margaret and the other walkers, while they do the second lap of their incredible double marathon Over The Moon challenge. Margaret is such an inspiration and has talked so many people (like me!) into doing The MoonWalk. I’ve met so many other wonderful people through The MoonWalk – many of whom are now my friends.

I’m still decorating Margaret’s bra, as well as my own (we always decorate them to match) and in fact my fundraising idea this year is to sell my little knitted chickens! I’ve made 46 already and am still going.

I can’t wait to do the Half Moon at The MoonWalk Scotland again this year with my friend Jan and I’m also doing the Full Moon at The MoonWalk London just a month earlier! I really love walking and walked a lot during lockdown– I have a group of three friends who I met up with during the pandemic and we still go for a walk most weeks now that restrictions have lifted.

My reason for taking part in The MoonWalk never goes away. When my legs are tired in the middle of the night, the memory of my sister-in-law and my dear friend will really spur me on”.

Jennifer Honeyman (right) with Margaret MacLeod at The MoonWalk Scotland 2018

Thank you for sharing your story Jennifer and we look forward to seeing you at The MoonWalk Scotland 2022!

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