January Fundraising Ideas 2024

Plan some exciting fundraisers for 2024 to get your fundraising reaching for the stars!

The new year is here! It's official, the last of the turkey curry has finally been eaten, the fizz has all been drank, and the Christmas decs are being packed away for another year... But there's no time to be gloomy! Cheer yourself up by planning some exciting fundraisers for 2024 to get your fundraising reaching for the stars! Walkers, we have a big year ahead of us!

New Year, New You!

Everybody wants to start the year off by getting fit and healthy and dropping a stone or two, so why not ask your loved ones if they will sponsor you whilst doing so?

Set yourself a goal of doing the Mad2 or walking 10,000 steps a day, join a fitness or Pilates class or try being vegetarian or vegan for the month! It’s a great way to keep yourself accountable, plus you’ll feel great doing it!

Host a gift exchange!

Sometimes no matter how hard we try, we don’t always manage to get our gifts spot on (that bright yellow knitted jumper from Auntie Mabel spring to mind?)

So why not get together with your best pals and host a gift exchange? Everyone donates to take part and can bring all their unwanted gifts over to swap for something they love instead! Anything left over goes towards your next raffle! It’s a win-win!

20th January is ‘Take a Walk Outdoors’ Day!

Well this one speaks for itself!  Organise a  walk in your neighbourhood and take donations for taking part.  Don’t make it too long as most peope don’t want to walk more than 3 or 4 miles when they first get off the couch!.  Make it varied and interesting and if you know any local facts then now’s the time to share your knowledge!

21st January is National One Liners day!

Nothing works better to kick the January blues like hosting a comedy night! Ask your guests to come up with their best one-liners (here's one of our favourites, “Today a man knocked on my door and asked for a small donation toward the local swimming pool. I gave him a glass of water.”) - Measure your audience reaction on the laughometer or groanometer and give a prize to the best delivery/material. Serve some refreshments and have a raffle to boost your fundraising along the way!

Update Your Fundraising Page

Put your fundraising page to work! A photo of you and the reason you’re taking part in the Challenge can increase your fundraising by as much as 70%! Share your page first by telling everyone what you’re up to and how they can help. Update your social media regularly with details of your progress: new trainers; first training walks; your walking companions; the weather; furry friends you meet along the way and share regularly by your social media of choice (or even just the family WhatsApp group!)  

Download and share your own personalised QR code which takes you directly to your page! You can even download the Charity Go app and turn your phone into card reader!

See examples of Andrea’s fundraising page below...

Give it up for January!

What is your little luxury that you enjoy the most? Chocolate, wine, and cake are all lovely treats that you may have indulged in over the Christmas break. So decide which one you will go without for January, and tell everyone! Share your fundraising page so that your friends can sponsor you as you get healthier throughout the month! This is a double winner as you get fitter and healthier as your fundraising gets going!

If you have a fundraising event or activity planned in 2024, take a look at our list of little extras to help you make the event a success.

Or if we can help in any way, please do get in touch

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