It's getting emotional on the Finish Line at The MoonWalk Scotland

Reading all the stories and seeing everyone come together to just make it over the finish line really brings home that it really is the taking part that counts!

MoonWalk Scotland... you are amazing! Thousands of Walkers have crossed the Finish Line... such determination! Our New Moon, Half and Full Moon have finished and our first Over The Moon Challenger (52.4 miles... that's two marathons back to back!!) has also reached the Finish Line! Whatever distance you chose... you are all inspirational!

Capturing just some of the fabulous moments from the Finish Line at The MoonWalk Scotland.

  "Finished!! 26.2 miles in 8.5 hours!! An overwhelming and empowering sense of achievement!! We did it girls!!" - Shona 

"Only went and finished 4th in the half marathon. Really happy, loved every second I'm addicted now." - Colin 

"Moonwalk completed. Thanks to everyone who sponsored me, sent me a message of support, and the volunteers, what an amazing charity." - Emma "Moonwalk Marathon done. I am so happy I got to do my first marathon in only 6hrs 55 mins with my "blister sister" We have had such a good time training and I couldn't have done the walk which started at midnight without her positivity. She is my rock and am so lucky I have a sister like that can make me smile through the achey feet. Together we raised just over £380 for breast cancer which is amazing. Now time for a well deserved sleep with my feet up!" - Emma 

"That feeling when you cross the line! Still smiling!" - Claire  

Thank you all for uniting with us against breast cancer.

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