How Volunteering can help you in more ways than one!

Volunteering your time and support can offer a whole host of benefits to your mental health!

Here are our top five amazing reasons to get involved and start volunteering!

1. Socialising and Making Lifelong Friends

At Walk the Walk Volunteers become friends for life, bonding over their shared experiences of night-time adventures! Year after year we have Volunteers returning, keen to get stuck back in, bringing along friendly faces and introducing new people to the family.

Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity to meet people who share the same interests as you, with people traveling from all over and from all walks of life, each donating their time and support for a shared common goal.

And don’t just take our word for it… here are some quotes from our incredible walkers and how much the Volunteers mean to them...

“The Volunteers are amazing. They made us smile when we felt like giving up, they even brought tears to our eyes with their encouragement. Wonderful people.”

“Thank you so much you ‘hi vis heroes’! You did an amazing job”

“Thanks to all the volunteers. You were amazing; friendly, energetic, enthusiastic and caring. I loved all your words of encouragement! You made so many people achieve their personal goal for a good cause!”

2. Volunteering Makes You Feel Good

As well as introducing you to new people, Volunteering can also help to increase those serotonin levels. Research has shown that our happiness levels can actually increase through simple acts of doing something nice for someone else… turns out that phrase ‘good deed done for the day’ really is something to live by!

Our Volunteers often tell us what an amazing experience they have Volunteering with Walk the Walk, and the sense of achievement they feel after supporting at our overnight events!

By offering your time and support to help others you are actually helping yourself and boosting your happiness and who doesn’t want that!

“We had an absolute blast Volunteering! Feel privileged to be part of this incredible event.”

3. Boosts Confidence and Self Esteem

Volunteering looks fantastic on any CV or job application; it introduces you to some key life skills and helps to prepare you for work life after school or university.

One of those key skills is confidence! Many of us have experienced a lack of confidence, whether that be public speaking, or even ordering a cup of coffee at the local café. And after two years of lock down, it’s no surprise that now more than ever we are feeling apprehensive about certain social situations.

Volunteering is a fantastic way to get back out there; working alongside others in an open, welcoming and friendly environment! Volunteering is an opportunity to hone and practise your public speaking, leadership skills and team work outside of the pressures of an interview or job environment. It offers a safe place to push those boundaries, step outside of comfort zone and boost those confidence levels! 

4. Sense of Purpose

If you, like so many others, found yourself desperately trying to find things to do to fill those hours over lockdown… whether that was through baking numerous bananas loafs, jumping on a Jo Wicks workouts or re-discovering your childhood love of puzzles… keeping yourself motivated was definitely challenging.

But… By dedicating your time and support to a worthwhile cause you can re-capture that zest for life!

Volunteering not only helps to provide some structure and routine to your day to day life it can also help you to explore your interest and passions. Through Volunteering for a charity you are passionate about, you will find other likeminded people all working together towards one cause. It can help to renew motivation, creativity and help you to rediscover that sense of purpose!

“Teamwork in the call centre is so important, as during the night all the phones can be ringing, and all radios are being used, it can get a little busy. However, the atmosphere is one of great camaraderie.” 

5. It's FUN!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly IT’S FUN! Volunteering is all about giving your time and support out of the goodness of your heart, but that’s not to say you won’t get anything back. In addition to all the amazing benefits listed above, Volunteering with Walk the Walk is FUN! Our Volunteers become a part of our family, and every year we welcome more and more back with open arms!

Why not join us for an unforgettable night of fun as we celebrate 25 Years of MoonWalking, supporting the thousands of walkers and helping raise money for all those lives that have been impacted by breast cancer and other cancers! 

“I volunteered with my wife and daughter and it was unlike anything I could ever imagined, as a bike marshal I was happy to make sure the walkers were safe. This was my first volunteer experience and I will never forget it!”

Plus… It’s easier than walking… Shhh don’t tell anyone!

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