Help us spread the word... MoonWalk Scotland!

We are looking for people to join you on your incredible challenge as a Walker or Volunteer for the MoonWalk Scotland!

Update 30/05/2023

Don’t keep the iconic Walk the Walk experience to yourself... it's the perfect time to encourage just one person to become a Walker or Volunteer and join you on this incredible challenge.

It’s an amazing opportunity to support a fantastic cause and an experience that can really change how you feel, by becoming healthier and fitter!... shout it from the rooftops, spread the word and get your friends, family and even your neighbours to join in the fun!

Go on, give it a try... Let's get everyone Walking the Walk, Talking the Talk and Supporting this amazing charity!

Updated 06/04/2023

Now that you have your place, show you care by spreading the word and sharing the experience with everyone you know. 

Walking together over the coming months as you prepare for the challenge means you can all share getting fitter, healthier and feeling fantastic... if you're volunteering, why not enjoy the night even more by getting everyone you know involved too!

We are looking for people to join you on this incredible challenge as a Walker or Volunteer for the MoonWalk Scotland 9 June 2023!

Just click the images below.

Why not encourage just one person to join you on your incredible challenge... go on... shout it from the rooftops and get your friends and family to join in the fun as a Walker or Volunteer... the more the merrier!

Thank you for uniting with us against breast and other cancers.




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