Gynette Walking her 17th MoonWalk London in 2017!

For those who are thinking about signing up… I would say just go for it... you will not regret a moment.

For almost 20 years our amazing supporters from all over the world have been joining us for the famous MoonWalk London and together with our other challenges, have raised an incredible £112 million so far! Here Gynette from Wales tells us how she will be taking on her 17th MoonWalk London next year!

Just amazing that The MoonWalk London will be celebrating 20 years in 2017.

For me it all started back in 2000 when I saw a small write up in a health magazine about an event called The MoonWalk London. Having always wanted to do the London Marathon but not being a runner I decided this was the next best thing...

So whilst The MoonWalk London is 20 years old, for me this will be my 17th consecutive full MoonWalk London. I've also been very lucky to take part in a number of other events for Walk the Walk... London Marathon, The MoonWalk Iceland, The MoonWalk Scotland - including “Over the Moon”(two back to back Marathons) twice, Nijmegen, London 2 Brighton - 100km, London 2 Cambridge - 100km, Great North Run, Great South Run, Paris Marathon. 2017 will not only see me return for the Moonwalk London... but also do the Inca Trail in Peru!

For those who are thinking about signing up… I would say just go for it you will not regret a moment.  It is one of the most enjoyable evenings (like one big party)…

From the minute you queue outside MoonWalk City on the night you will have fun and don’t worry if you’re on your own as you will soon make friends and no one is ever on their own. When you enter into the Big PINK Tent the party (sorry event) gets started… from temporary tattoos, live music, massage, pasta, warm up, photos and a pre event talk from Nina the time flies… before you know it you’re on the start line for the countdown. 

Throughout the route the Volunteers are around to help and cheer you on… you are never alone, water stops and toilets are available during the event… but remember with 15,000 people doing the event you will no doubt have to queue for the loo!!! 

Now let’s talk BRAS… Walk the Walk’s signature for the event is all about the BRA… so go on, get that glue gun, needle and thread out and get decorating. We are all in this together so don’t worry about those wobbly bits… we are doing this to Unite Against Breast Cancer and we should all be proud.

Two bits of advice would be firstly, make sure you train and don't just think “oh it’s just a walk, I will be fine”... follow the Training Plan sent to you by WTW and you can't go wrong. The second piece of advice is when decorating your BRA, don't do the bits under your arms as this will rub and you will regret this after a few miles!!

Good luck everyone!

Gynette xx

Join us on the 13th May 2017 as we celebrate The 20th MoonWalk London with a ‘Roaring Twenties’ theme... unite with us against breast cancer and help make a difference.



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