Great to hear from one of our Volunteers - The MoonWalk London

"I wanted to let you know what a wonderful time my friends and I had again this year Volunteering for such an important cause."

We just wanted to share this lovely message from one of our fabulous Volunteers:

"I am sure you are all still in the throws of finalising the closure of the successful MoonWalk London 2016 as I write this. I wanted to let you know what a wonderful time my friends and I had again this year Volunteering for such an important cause, well done to you all for organising such a smooth event.

The positivity of the thousands of Walkers, the staff and public is overwhelming and it is a wonderful opportunity to take part in a MoonWalk. I highly recommend it to offer a personal 'grounding and development' experience.

There is one particular Walker who will never leave my mind and finds me very emotional each time I think of her; she was an extremely elderly lady, supported by two gentlemen, this to me acknowledges that each Walker has a very personal story to tell. I have since found out that her name is Mary and that she is 85 years old! I will be able to discuss this with those that say they cannot achieve something... how inspirational some can be, without knowing it.

The five recruits I had with me are all looking forward to Volunteering again next year... I will apply as a group again and hopefully add more to the list than our current half dozen."

Debbie Nolan

Come and join us and celebrate our 20th MoonWalk London on May 13th 2017, as a Volunteer or indeed a Walker! You can register your interest as a Volunteer and we will be in touch or entries for The MoonWalk London 2017 open on the 19th May 2016!

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