Good Reasons to Volunteer for WTW breast cancer walk

Our Walkers know how important our Volunteers are at our charity marathons... WTW Volunteers are vital and help us spread breast cancer awareness

Every year we have up to 3,000 Volunteers join forces with Walk the Walk, participating in one of over 30 different roles at our iconic MoonWalks supporting Walkers, plus assisting at some of our other power walking challenges - raising money and awareness of who we are and what we do.

We often ask people why they Volunteer... and here are just some of the reasons!

Volunteering makes you feel good

It’s undeniable, everyone gets that fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you’re committing to a selfless act that helps others. Whether you’re getting hugs from the exhausted Walkers you helped complete the last couple of miles of The MoonWalk, or a heartfelt thank you on social media for giving out much needed Jelly Babies... Volunteering does make you feel good!

Our Walkers know how important Volunteers are and sometimes it’s not possible to say thank you at the time. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see what the Walkers are saying about YOU!

“A big thank you to the lady who gave me a big cuddle as she gave me my medal as I had broken down in tears. THAT single bit of kindness will stay with me forever” – Suzanne Robertson

Giving something back

A person's first Volunteering placement tends to be a cause close to their heart – whether it be through their own personal experiences or that of a friend or member of the family.

Walk the Walk Volunteers are no different… from those who are going through treatment for breast cancer, to people giving something back in memory of a loved one... so many reasons to support us!

There is also a large community feel to Volunteering with us – we welcome groups of people who just want to support others… such as, Police Cadets, school groups, Dragon Boat Clubs and community groups, to mention just a few that love to keep supporting Walk the Walk!

Make a difference to the lives of others

It is very rewarding to know that your Volunteering contribution is helping someone. Walkers often say The MoonWalk is a life-changing experience and many say Volunteer support is the equivalent to a fresh pair of feet!

But what about the bigger picture? What does giving up your night’s sleep mean for breast cancer? Since we started in 1996, Walk the Walk has raised over £122 million that has been granted to research and improving the lives of people living with cancer now.

Did you know?

£20,000 can purchase and maintain a scalp cooler for 5 years to help those undertaking chemotherapy treatment to keep their hair – we have granted 640!

£1,000 provides a free bespoke course of holistic therapies for cancer patients at Penny Brohn UK – we have granted them over £25 million!

For more information about our grants, please visit where our money goes.

Career Progression

It is no secret that Volunteering can be the ideal gateway to further career prospects. Donating hours of Volunteering looks fantastic on a CV and in your portfolio if you’re just starting your journey into employment or looking to change careers.

Walk the Walk know how important this is and will verify your Volunteering hours for a whole host of awards including Duke of Edinburgh, Saltire, vInspired and Do-it as well as any local college, university or volunteer centre scheme! 

Volunteering can help you develop new skills or strengthen existing skills – a lot of the time it comes down to how much time and effort you would like to invest. Walk the Walk Volunteers that prove themselves to be reliable and dependable are often promoted and supported into key Team Leader roles, sometimes with up to 30 people to manage! 

Since 2009 almost 350 student massage therapists from St Mary’s University have Volunteered at The MoonWalk London, giving calming massages to nervous Walkers… everyone wins at The MoonWalk!

 “Volunteering has helped me to develop my team working and communications skills and helped me feel more confident. It looks great on my CV and can help me demonstrate skills on job and university applications.” – Abi, of Hackney Community College

Meeting new people, making friends and feel part of a team

Volunteering can be a scary experience if you’re taking part on your own, but there is an enormous social side and a great sense of camaraderie amongst the teams!

Over 1 in 3 MoonWalk Volunteers from 2016 returned in 2017, so you are likely to see friendly faces if you’re coming back to join us in 2018! We have numerous Volunteers who have supported at The MoonWalk London and The MoonWalk Scotland for many years and have made lasting friendships… several groups of volunteers have a pre-MoonWalk meal together to get their energy levels topped up ready for cheering on our Walkers… we have even had a MoonWalk romance blossom!

For more information about Volunteering please contact [email protected] or call 01483 741430... we'd love to hear from you.

Happy Volunteering!

Sarah Campbell-Atkin - Volunteer Manager 


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