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Going ‘Over the Moon’ – MoonWalk Scotland!

Walking against the flow of other walkers heading for the park was really emotional. Just about every one gave us a clap, a ‘good luck’, a raised hat; such encouragement.

Having been away on holiday since two days after going ‘Over the Moon‘, I have had lots of time to reflect on it all and finally have time to sit down and put my thoughts into words.

My walking partner, Judith, and I arrived at the ‘big tent’ so full of nerves and excitement. Having received an email earlier in the day we knew that the park was very wet, so followed the advice given and came armed with plastic bags, for our feet and our bags. Thank goodness for that; it was pretty squelchy. Once inside the atmosphere was amazing. I finally had the chance to say hello to my new ‘friends’, previously only spoken to on Facebook. I got a chance to meet the lovely Mags, who has given me so many words of advice and encouragement. The time seemed to fly by; before we knew it we were being led out of the tent to take our places at the start. We were so emotional to be given so many shouts of ‘good luck’ from other walkers as we left the tent (along with a few comments of ‘are you mad?’)

Off we went into the night. Having doneEdinbra three times before it was quite comfortingly familiar; the climb up Arthur, the amazing views from up there, the landmarks lit up pink for us, the distant sound of the disco bus as we headed for the coast, the long stretch from Leith to Portobello, and then the bonus of a hug from my hubby who was marshalling at mile 20, just as the sun was rising over the sea (emotional moment). Then we headed back to Inverleith Park to receive our medals, replenish our bumbags and off we went again.

Walking against the flow of other walkers heading for the park was really emotional. Just about every one gave us a clap, a ‘good luck’, a raised hat; such encouragement. Before we knew it we were heading up Arthur for the second time; not sure if it seemed steeper because it was light, and we could see where we were going, or simply because the legs were getting a bit tired. Heading back out of Holyrood Park was definitely a mental ‘relief’ to know that that was the worst bit over. Or so we thought.

By the time we got to Portobello I experienced something new to me; blisters! I have never had them before, but had come prepared. Off with shoes and socks, on with the Compeeds and Bodyglide. I think it’s fair to say that we were both flagging by now. Then, on the promenade, set up just beside a café, we came across a lovely family offering us cake and ginger beer. We couldn’t face food, but the cold drink was so welcome. As we thanked them and set off again, we got a huge cheer from all the customers in the café (more tears!). We were now definitely heading for ‘home’, but at mile 48 I had a very ‘shaky’ moment. My head began swimming, my legs felt like lead, but there was no way I was stopping. Several mouthfuls of juice and a handful of dextrose tablets later I picked up again.

The final countdown of mile markers began.

And then suddenly we were at the park; that was when the tears really started to flow. The feeling of ‘we are going to do it!’ was just overwhelming. There were so many people in the park cheering us home. Finally, we crossed the beloved finish line – 13 hours and 28 minutes since we crossed the start. And there was my lovely hubby, beaming at me, along with Judith’s family and friends. Through the archway of arms, given my medal and a huge hug from a lovely volunteer (sorry if I snivelled all over you!), and it was all over. Without doubt the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and that includes childbirth!!

So, three weeks have passed, the blisters have almost cleared, but the memories will last forever. Thank you to everyone at Walk the Walk for giving me the chance to take on this challenge. Massive thank you to all the volunteers, I appreciate that without these wonderful people the event just couldn’t take place.

Would I do it again? Probably not. Maybe next year I’ll sign up for the full moon and then stay on to volunteer. See you all then



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