Getting in touch with your local media – share your Nijmegen Marches story!

Featuring your story in your local press will raise awareness and hopefully encourage others to sign up for The Nijmegen Marches 2023

Featuring your story in your local media will raise awareness of breast cancer in men and women and will hopefully encourage others to sign up for The Nijmegen Marches 2023!

Here’s what you need to do!

  • Find contact details for your local paper or radio station
  • Email Lisa and Jen on [email protected], if you’d like some help
  • Copy the template below
  • Email the paper/radio station
  • For newspapers, send photos of you taking part in The Nijmegen Marches
  • Photos should be the originals, ideally be at least 1MB and be sent as attachments.
  • Avoid photos taken from social media including WhatsApp, which will be low resolution.
  • Follow up with a phone call if possible!

Nijmegen Marches Template Email

Dear xxxxx,

On Friday 22nd July, I completed The Nijmegen Marches as part of a team raising money for breast cancer charity Walk the Walk. I walked 120km in just three days!

The Nijmegen Marches is an incredible multi-day, marathon walking event in the Netherlands, which has been running for more than 100 years.

Write a paragraph here about:-

You and why you were walking

The challenge you did and what is was like

Where you live

It would be fantastic if you could feature my story! I’m also attaching some photos from The Nijmegen Marches.

Additional information about The Nijmegen Marches and Walk the Walk:

  • The Nijmegen Marches returned this year for the first time since 2019
  • This historic event starting in 1909 as a military march, but nowadays the majority of walkers are civilians
  • The Nijmegen Marches usually takes place over four days – with participants walking either 30km, 40km or 50km a day every day for four days.
  • The Walk the Walk team signed up to walk 40km a day
  • This year, the first walking day was unfortunately cancelled due to extreme heat
  • Instead, the Walk the Walk team walked 40km a day, every day for three days – an amazing achievement
  • Walk the Walk has raised more than £137 million over the last 26 years
  • Money is granted for research into breast cancer and to support frontline cancer charities
  • For more information and to register interest for Walk the Walk’s team at The Nijmegen Marches 2023, go to

Looking forward to hearing from you. You can contact me on (insert email and/or phone number)


Good luck and let us know on social media how you get on!

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