Gail Walks the Walk for Family

I wanted to give something back to life, as my way of being thankful...

We asked what a MoonWalk means to you and why you've signed up to take part in one of our challenges. Gail was motivated to MoonWalk  as a way of giving back after a couple of her family members won their battle with breast cancer... now she has she Walked multiple MoonWalks, has also Volunteered a number of times and enjoys being part of our very special MoonWalk 'Family'!

"My MoonWalk journey began in 2011. My sister and Mil (future mother in law) were diagnosed with Breast cancer a month apart in 2009, but thankfully both continue to be well! I wanted to give something back to life, as my way of being thankful, I felt so helpless watching them go through treatments.

I'd wanted to take part in the MoonWalk before they were diagnosed, but I lacked in self belief, after being told by someone, I'd never be able to do it! Fast forward to 2017... I've since lost an internet friend, Annette and my Auntie Ali, was diagnosed had her treatments and won the battle.

As for me, I've done 3 full MoonWalk's one Half Moon plus 2 miles and Volunteered on Directional Team and Start & Finish Line Team twice.

2016 saw me recovering from a big gynae op, a broken foot and a partial collapsed lung.

My Volunteer buddy who I met at the MoonWalk asked if I wanted to Walk with him, for his first MoonWalk. Knowing I'd lost some fitness, I said I would, but I would only take part in the Half Moon plus 2 miles. A week before the big night I was diagnosed with having Asthma. Who knew what started off as wanting to help others, would also help me?!

Why do I keep coming back?

Well that's simple, I'm healthy enough to take part, any aches and pains acquired from Walking are nothing compared to what anyone who is fighting the Big C experiences.

Walk the Walk is a wonderful grant making charity, giving to other charities and even providing scalp coolers for the NHS! And I love my MoonWalk 'family'

I've made so many friends, I might only see them in the real world once a year, but that doesn't mean they don't make me smile, online daily.” – Gail

Thank you so much for sharing your reasons and all your amazing support Gail... happy Walking!

If you feel inspired to unite with us against breast cancer... check out our challenges here!  


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