Fundraising top tip, organise a collection

Collecting money outside a supermarket can be an easy way to boost your fundraising...

Collecting money outside a supermarket can be an easy way to boost your fundraising. You can typically raise about £200 to £400 depending on which day of the week you are collecting, and for how long the collection lasts. 

Choose a shop

First, choose a shop which is generally busy, such as supermarkets or garden centres, and make sure you get permission from the store to collect. Most supermarkets have Charity Champions, so you will need to ring them to find out what the procedure is at their store.

*You will usually have to complete a form or write a letter to confirm your request.

Choose a date

Once your date is confirmed... recruit some friends to help you with the collection! Check how many exits you need to cover, and how many collectors the store allows you to have at a time. It is much more fun if there are at least two of you on an exit and it is best not to collect for longer than two hours as you can get smile fatigue!

Get the gear

Contact the fundraising team at Walk the Walk for collection buckets, tubs and seals, counting sheets and paying in slip... we love hearing from you! Ask your friends to wear either branded Walk the Walk clothing or fancy dress... think pink boas, pink tutus, loud and bright... anything to be noticed!

Terms and Conditions

Make sure to check the terms and conditions of the collection on the permit so that you don’t upset the store. Please also follow their instructions on where to stand... hopefully in a visible spot, where you can talk to the shoppers without harassing them!

Count the donations

Once you have finished your collection, take the buckets and tins to a safe place and count the money using the counting sheets provided by Walk the Walk. When banking the money you collected, please use the Walk the Walk paying in slip.


All that is left to do now is to thank your helpers, thank the store, pay the money onto your online fundraising page and let the team at Walk the Walk know how amazingly you have done!

If you have any questions or need any further help then please do get in touch... email or call the fundraising team on 01483 741430. We look forward to hearing from you! 


* Tesco Extra store collections are managed centrally


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