February Fundraising Ideas

While its cold outside, and you can’t get out training, now is the time to get your fundraising kicked into 2023 and here are a few ideas to get you going!

Raise funds with a Valentine’s Day Hamper!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, why not get creative? It is the perfect time to put together a pretty hamper with a Valentine’s theme! All you need is a bottle of fizz, some yummy treats and a huge red ribbon! You could add some homemade heart-shaped biscuits or cupcakes to your hamper.

You can also get creative with your hamper box! If arts and crafts are more up your street, then why not decorate a recycled cardboard box left over from Christmas to fill up with your Valentines’ goodies? Great to raffle off to someone at the office, friends, or sports club!

Wacky Pancake races!

As Shrove Tuesday is coming up (21st February) why don’t you make it competitive and host your very own Wacky Pancake Races! You can ask family, friends and neighbours and work colleagues to race and pay for the privilege! All you need are some eggs, flour, milk and multiple frying pans (ask your guests to bring their own). A garden, local park, or even a car park would be perfect for this, so let’s see who can cross the finish line first with their pancake still in their frying pan!

Give up your daily treat for Lent, 22nd February

It’s that time again, 40 days and 40 nights where we give up something we love, but why not do something a little different this year? Instead of the usual chocolate, crisps and scrummy treats, why not give up that overpriced coffee on your daily commute. Saving £3 a day for 40 days is £120! Add this to your fundraising page!  What a great start to kick off your fundraising to help you reach that target!  

Penalty Money Jar

We have all heard about a swear jar, but why not have something slightly different at home or at work. Are there people who leave their coffee mugs or plates in the sink for someone else to tidy up? Or people who leave the milk on the side and not back in the fridge! A money jar is a great way to get people to break these annoying habits and add to your fundraising, win-win! You can make your own rules, but people need to donate if the rules are broken. This is an easy and simple way to get some extra money from family, friends, and work colleagues! The more rules you have the quicker the money jar gets filled up!

Everyone loves a Raffle 😊

We all get those Christmas presents from relatives we know we aren’t going to use. Maybe you were lucky enough to receive two of the same gift or maybe it just isn’t to your taste so why not raffle these off to friends or people at work! You don’t have to have lots of prizes, less is more!

As much as it is tempting to get rid of that Lynx set you seem to unwrap every year, maybe bulk it out a little with some other smellies. Oh and don’t forget to add some ribbon and make it look pretty so you can boost the price of those raffle tickets!

Updating your fundraising page for maximum benefit!

Don’t forget to personalise and share your fundraising page!

A photo of you and a few sentences as to why you are taking part in the challenge can make all the difference! These small changes can increase your fundraising by 70%! Posting regular updates and photos of those wintry training walks will show everyone what you are up to and show them how they can help! Share these updates on your social media and group chats to keep your family and friends up to date! This is a great way to get people to follow your journey and boost your donations!

Work for Good

Have you got a small business and want to use this to raise funds? Get in touch with the fundraising department to hear about work for good.

If you have a fundraising event or activity planned, take a look at our list of little extra to help you make the event a success.

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