Emma's Walk1000 miles challenge continued!

As charity partner for Country Walking Magazine's #walk1000miles in 2019 challenge, we catch up with Walker Emma after her two MoonWalks and training!

As charity partner for Country Walking Magazine's #walk1000miles in 2019 challenge, we've been speaking to Walkers who are getting involved! Emma shared her love of walking and how she was first introduced to Power Walking when signing up to her first MoonWalk London back in 2010... and hasn't turned back since!

You can read Emma's first blog here.

Half way there/500 miles

So here we are at the end of June, and half way through the Walk 1000 miles year. I was delighted to make the 500 miles milestone during May, and I proudly bought my "Proclaimers" medal - or, as I sometimes call it, my Bon Jovi medal. Both great songs, whichever...

April started with a beautiful 4 days in the Lake District with my husband. We clocked up around 40 miles up, down and around the glorious Buttermere. Later in April, some of us walked the route of the London Marathon on the day before, as our pre-Moonwalk training!

Event-wise, after the madness of 3 events in March, I've done only 2 official events for breast cancer charity Walk the Walk since then. Firstly, the Wimbledon Common half marathon, both as speed training for The MoonWalk and because I wanted a medal and t-shirt with a Womble on it, and then, of course, Walk the Walk’s iconic MoonWalk London itself.

MoonWalk time

It was great to meet so many of my friends either for a pre-MoonWalk pizza or inside the Big Pink Tent, and then to see so many of them at the finish! This year seemed to be about doing it in threes, and I loved doing it start to finish with my lovely Walk the Walk friends Elizabeth and Rachel. This was my 9th MoonWalk London, and I'm already looking forward to number 10 next year!

Getting the miles in

In June it's been hard to get in the regular short walks during the week, for various reasons, so it was doubly important to do some longer ones at weekends. One of them was a largely unplanned, impromptu walk. By chance, we found ourselves in Marlow with 6 hours to kill, so what better than to suggest that my long-suffering husband accompany me on a walk to Henley and back - the only part of the 100K route of September's Thames Path Challenge that I have not previously walked. I'm not sure I'm going to appreciate the 3 bridges in quick succession that will come at around 90K, but at least I am prepared now. I felt also a selfie at what will be the finish location just had to be done. Total, around 16 miles.

The next day, I was over in Essex, walking along the lovely coastline at Frinton-on-Sea with Elizabeth. Last year, we had been drenched to the skin. This year, I got a bit sunburnt! Total, again, around 16 miles. And the following evening brought the annual London Legal Walk. I tried to lead my firm's team in a 10K power walk, but sheer numbers meant it is probably the slowest 10K I have ever walked. Next year, we're starting early!

I managed a little stroll up the Beverley Brook with Elizabeth and Rachel.. or at least some of it, we got a little lost, and I topped off the month's walking with a walk with Rachel and Tricia (another of our Thames Path Challenge gang) around the lovely Rutland Water on the hottest day of the year. Thankfully, we had planned to start early and were finished before the hottest part of the day!

I now really need to try to get out there as often as possible, to make the weekly mileages I need as preparation for the Thames Path Challenge, which I am taking on in September. I am excited about it, but also dreading it. But I know that around 20 of my Walk the Walk "family" will be doing it too, and we will all be supporting each other to the end!

The scores on the doors at the end of the month: miles in June 91.5, total miles in 2019 605.7.

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