December Fundraising Ideas 2023

Tis' the season of giving, making December a fabulous time for some festive fundraising!

Make a Donation whilst sending your Christmas Cards!

We have a nifty time and money saving tip for you! Instead of writing out Christmas cards for your nearest and dearest this year, why not visit DontSendMeaCard and send one of our unique, Walk the Walk digital Christmas cards instead! 

You'll be making a donation to your fave charity (us of course!) and you'll be saving money on cards and stamps! Not only that, but you can also guarantee that these will arrive in time for Christmas!

Choose your favourite design or mix and match:

Workplace Christmas Card

Wherever you work, why not have one large Christmas card for your workplace that everyone can sign and also make a donation to Walk the Walk? All you need to do is order a collection tub from us by emailing [email protected], buy a large card and then share your idea by sending round an email or downloading a poster here. You can save time and money all whilst kickstarting your fundraising off!

Christmas Raffle

An old favourite but always a winner! Collect some prizes from friends and local businesses, and put together some festive Christmas hampers or even a basket of smellies? If you want to go all out, put together something spectacular like the one below! Promote your raffle at work, online, at clubs you belong to, ask your friends and family to share it for you, or at an event in your local pub.

Request a letter of confirmation from [email protected]

 Fundraising Hamper created by Wendy and Damian

Gift Wrapping Service

Buy some fabulous wrapping paper, coloured ribbon and glittery gift tags and promote a gift wrap service at work or via social media! Collect the gifts and take them home to turn them into exquisitely wrapped confections! Awkward shape? Buy a box and some bubble wrap to protect the gift. Start from £5 to £10 per gift depending on the size. You can even make it more fun by having a gift wrapping party!

Christmas Jumper Party

Time to don that festive fashion favourite... Christmas jumpers! Invite your pals round, provide refreshments and ask for some donations at your get together! What could be simpler? Crack out some Christmas games and hey bingo, you've organised the perfect fundraiser!

Game ideas...

  1. Bingo of course!
  2. Christmas Quiz (How many reindeer can you name?)
  3. Guess the Christmas film?
  4. Guess the intro to Christmas songs/carols
  5. Christmas Karaoke
  6. Who am I? Plus loads of others including board games!

One for all you crafty people!

Invite your friends and family round for a crafty afternoon! Provide all the bits and charge an entrance fee.

Things you can make:

  • A Christmas wreath
  • Tree ornaments
  • Table centres
  • Presents
  • Games

The choice is yours!

Merry Christmas Walk the Walkers!

If you have a fundraising event or activity planned, take a look at our extra bits and pieces to help you... if we can help in any way, please do get in touch.

Raise Money, Raise Awareness, Get Fit and Have the best FUN Walking the Walk!

If you have a fundraising idea you'd like to share with us, please send your idea to [email protected] and it could appear on our website next year!



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