Debbie and the Dublin Marathon

We will power walk the city, 26.2 miles Come rain or shine, blisters and smiles

April 1st 2010, those three little wordsIt looks suspicious was what I heardProdded and poked, as though my chest had been hitMy” poached egg” declared a “scrambled ….bosom!”No April fools, caught in the trap,Unending appointments back to backSurgery, chemo, interventions, I lost count
But the care I received was never in doubtThe delights of chemo for my body were brutalIt could not cope, it completely crumbledFEC-T was the order of the dayIn case rogue cells had gone astray(and FEC it was………)I farted for England, was not prepared for thatI refused a wig but chose a quirky hat(have you seen the wigs on offer?!)But “my nether regions” in one foul swoopWent down the plug hole, bald as a coot(mmmm……???)

15 and 16 were not great years
Had it twice returned? a lurking fear
But the end of October closes the “deal”
No more surgery, treatment, potions or pills
(first time in eight and a half years – whahoo!)
To “close this encounter” a challenge we sought
The Dublin marathon for “Walk the Walk
A charity with focus on cancer of breast
Our legs and tooties we really will test

We will power walk the city, 26.2 miles
Come rain or shine, blisters and smiles
To complete within hours of six and a half
This allocated time we cannot pass
Or the clear up vans will take us on board
No finish, no victory, no medals secured
(no way……!)

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