Dani shares her experience and being part of Walk the Walk

Walker, Dani, shares her experience of completing her charity marathons, volunteering, and raising breast cancer awareness with Walk the Walk

My MoonWalk adventures started back in 2011 where I took part in my first MoonWalk London Full Moon alongside one of my best friends. The whole night was so much more than I had ever imagined; the fact of walking that distance when you are meant to be tucked up in bed was, well, just insane! The emotion I felt when we reached the Finish Line was huge! I couldn’t believe I had actually done it! There were lots of tears and the fact we had raised over £1,000 for a great charity was amazeballs.

The following year I returned to London but this time in a volunteering role… zone 19 on Kings Road next to Chelsea Fire Station… I absolutely LOVED volunteering, meeting tired but determined walkers offering hugs when needed and cheering them on to keep going is a very humbling experience. I was actually contacted via Facebook by a girl who said, when she saw me at the zone, she was going to ask me to fetch the bra car as she thought she couldn’t go on; I just hugged her and told her to dig deep and keep going. She did keep going (although by her own admission, she called me every name under the sun) and she crossed the Finish Line… and got her bling! Jen Fen… love ya chick!

2013 was the year that Walk the Walk introduced me to some of the most fantabulous ladies (and the odd gent) who I can proudly say are some of my best buds and whom I love dearly! When I volunteered again at The MoonWalk London, we had a group meet up and it was the start of some beautiful friendships, even now 5 years we are all still in touch and have had some great times together which have involved some walking but mostly giggles, drinkies, the odd rollercoaster and lots of dancing!

Since 2013, I have walked the SunWalk with my son (dressed as a lion); volunteered again dressed as an Indian with Kate’s dream team, walked MoonWalk London Full Moon for the roaring 20’s with my Rewind beauts, and walked Edinbra - The MoonWalk Scotland Full Moon twice, 2015 as Alice in Wonderland with the Lanson lovelies and then this year as the Greatest Showman with my Rhi Rhi where she popped her MoonWalk cherry! She loved it that much, she wants to do it again! It was great to introduce her to the WTW family and get her involved in something that I have loved for so long!

I am so grateful to Walk the Walk for the work that they do, for the opportunity to get involved in their events and for the people whom I have met because of them… the WTW family is something special, it’s a supportive, inspiring network of some amazing, beautiful, kind-hearted people who all have the same goal – kicking cancer’s arse!

I have lost many family members and friends to the big C, I have seen first-hand the devastation it can cause, but through charities like Walk the Walk and looking round MoonWalk City before the challenges start, I also see the determination and fight in everyone to beat and cure this terrible disease.

If I could give any advice to anyone who wants to take part in a Walk the Walk challenge, is just go for it! It is not easy walking a long distance and through the night it is even more of a challenge, but it is so worth it! Push yourself, dig deep when it gets hard and remember why you signed up in the first place – it might be in honour of someone who is battling cancer or in memory of someone, it might be in honour of yourself or it might be a personal challenge for yourself… just try to enjoy every moment, it will hurt but the pain will ease, and the blisters (if you get any) will heal but the admiration and pride you will feel in yourself will make it all worthwhile! Plus the bling is pretty awesome too!

Here’s to next year and some more Full Moons!

Dani x

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