Countdown to The MoonWalk London Is On!

Your Event Packs, including your T-shirt, cap, Walker number, famous bra to decorate, and all your information for the BIG Night, are leaving the building and should be with you soon!

You’re Half Way There! 

London MoonWalkers... Congratulations!... today (29th March) is officially the half way point of your Training Plan... and a milestone to be proud of! It is just fantastic to see all the photos of so many of you out there pounding the pavements, promenades, country lanes and footpaths... we absolutely love to hear from you, so please keep posting on Social Media to let us know how the training is going! 

Whether you are taking on the Full or Half Moon, it is very important to keep in mind that your personal training journey is unique to you... some of you will be taking on your very first Walking challenge ever… well done to you!... Whilst some of the more experienced walkers take on multiple challenges a year! So please do not be disheartened if you see other Walkers completing longer distances at a faster pace than you... they could be completing The MoonWalk London as part of their training programme for a 100km challenge! Just concentrate on your own Training Plan, celebrate each of your stepping stones to success, and remember a very important part of completing your challenge, is self-belief. It’s not a race, and 65% of reaching that Finish Line is in the mind, so IF  YOU THINK YOU CAN YOU WILL!

Event Packs Are On The Way!

And the excitement doesn’t stop there... your Event Packs, including your T-shirt, cap, Walker number, famous bra to decorate, and all your information for the BIG Night, are leaving the building and should be with you soon!... Woohoo! We know how excited you will all be!

Just be aware that all packs are sent second class and thousands will be posted daily... so, bear with us and your friendly Postie, they may take a few days to reach you all. Please don’t worry if one of your team members receives theirs before you, they are not sent by area or by team name.

Latest Fundraising Tip

Before we go, we’d like to share out latest fundraising tip with you. If you’re worried about sharing your online fundraising page too often, and have concerns that your friends will think you’re bombarding them with requests to cough up the cash… Have you thought about using your page as a Blog? Make your page personal... add regular updates and images about your training, fundraising and bra decorating. Share your MoonWalk London adventure with your nearest and dearest. We are sure they would love to hear all about your progress and it’s such an effective way of getting donations. You’ll find top tips on how to make the most of your fundraising page on our website.

Finally... It’s Not Too Late!

Well, it’s all go here at WTW HQ as we are also on a countdown and we’re very excited about seeing you in just over 6 weeks’ time… Eeeek! If you know someone who is itching to join in the fun... tell them it’s not too late, they can still sign up here. But don’t delay, as places are running out fast!

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 13th May it’s going to be a Roaring Twenties MoonWalk London

Love Walking, Love Life!



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