Charity Marathon Winter Walking Tips

Breast cancer charity Walk the Walk shares some Marathon Winter Walking Tips

Walk your way to fitness by following our trusty Training Plan (download the first 5 weeks here)… the health benefits of Walking are widely known, so preparing for a MoonWalk will give you that extra motivation and purpose to get out regularly. By walking 45 minutes, 3 times a week for just 2 weeks you will see and feel the benefits, start to feel fitter and have more energy.

Keep your motivation strong whilst making a difference, not only to your future health but those living with breast cancer. 

These 3 simple steps below will keep Walking through the Winter months.

No.1 shoes and kit for Winter Walking!

Your most important bit of MoonWalking kit is your shoes, taking into account the number of miles you will walk before your MoonWalk and in all types of weather, they really must become your best friends.

If you are buying new shoes, check our information page so that you know exactly what to look for. We recommend a Gortex or similar trail shoe that will be waterproof and comfortable so make sure when you try shoes that they tick all the boxes. Of course, if you already have shoes, just note that it is estimated trainers or sports shoes need replacing after 500 miles of wear. After this amount of mileage, the support can go and they then begin to cause problems to your feet… so worth checking that they are suitable for the training and the challenge itself!

What to wear for Winter Walking

'There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes'… so don't let the winter keep you from getting out and doing a few miles, all you need is the right clothing and you can feel warm, dry and comfortable. Hopefully, you can find the following in your wardrobe, but if not, visit our online Walk the Walk Shop for any walk specific clothing.

No.2 Planning your route

The 12 week Training Plan for both the Full and the Half Moon officially starts on the 18th February for The MoonWalk London and the 18th March for The MoonWalk Scotland… but by starting now and getting ahead of the game, you will have time to start developing your pace, technique and experience what regular walking can do for you.

Download the first 5 weeks Training Plan for your challenge. If you feel you need to step back on the distances advised, use a GPS or mobile device to plot a couple of short, 2 – 3 mile routes that are preferably circular and just take note on how you feel before you extend the distance or the pace.

No.3 Start Walking

Before you even think about technique, spend the next 2 – 3 weeks just getting used to fitting regular walking into your life. The best advice we can give is not to go too fast or too far too soon… apart from being a big turn off if you are aching all over, it can also cause injuries. Follow the Training Plan if you want to increase the distance or if you feel you need to complete the first weeks a couple of times, just tailor it to suit your ability.

If you would like to find a walking partner or a group of walkers that you could join in your area, just look here or pop over to our MoonWalkers Hub facebook group and join in the fun!

So it's as easy as that, you are set to go. If you have any queries or questions on walking or fundraising, you can reach us on 01483 741430, email us or you might find the answer on our Q&A's… after all the festivities, it will feel fantastic just to be out there pounding the pavements!

Meanwhile, I will leave you with my tip of the week!... Try taking a 15 minute walk every day in your lunchtime, switch off your phone (I know that might feel scary!) and just enjoy wherever you are walking. You will feel a great sense of freedom to be off the main grid even for a short while and I can guarantee you will want to extend that time… just be in the moment and enjoy it!




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